Friday, July 29, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 55 - Bede & Amanda Wed

It was still fairly early in the day when Amanda Gibson arrived at her new home. It was the home that Bede Avery had built for them. It was where together they would build a strong and happy family.

Bede met his love at the door. He was very happy to see her. He had missed her so much. He had been planning for this day for so long. Today was his wedding day. Amanda wasn't aware of that yet but he'd hoped that she wouldn't be angry.

Bede had taken the liberty of fixing up a very special area where he could marry the woman he loves. Everything was set. All they needed was a bride and some guest.

Luckily for Bede, Amanda wasn't at all upset by having her wedding day thrust on her out of the blue. She wanted to be married. She wanted to be Mrs. Avery. She wanted to woohoo Bede and he wouldn't until they were married so bring on the minister.

It's also lucky that Bede's family could drop everything and show up with little or no warning. Well they did all know this was coming but he could have given them more than an hours notice.

Bede and Amanda said their vows. They made their intentions known to the world. They promised to love, honor and cherish until death parted them. At long last, Amanda Gibson became Mrs. Bede Avery.

The guest all took turns toasting the happy couple. Everyone saw happily ever after in their future.

(Quick Recap: Bede Avery - son of mail carrier Arcadia Bradshaw & Aaron Avery - heir - generation 2, line 3: Amanda Gibson Avery - npc store clerk - future mother of generation three, line 3)

As Bede kissed his bride yet again, Corey Byall couldn't help glance over at Faith. He had missed her. She had suddenly stopped calling him and he thought he knew why. She feared commitment. So he found it odd that she had such a dreamy look on her face. Perhaps there was a chance that she would commit to someone someday. Perhaps there was a chance that she would commit to him if he asked.

Corey didn't ask but instead pulled Faith into his arms. She seemed extremely happy to be there. Although Faith and Corey hadn't arrived at the wedding together, Faith's family wasn't surprised to see them kiss. Faith got around. They all knew it. None of them had a clue who she was doing what with. They were all afraid to ask.

As Bede feed cake to his new bride, he realized how lucky he was to find her. If he hadn't walked by the magazine racks that day at the student union, who knows where his life might have taken him. He could have found himself married to that homely streaker.

Amanda was thinking much the same thing. She was so glad he noticed her selling magazines all those years ago. She was so glad he had come to love her as much as she loves him.

Faith spent the remainder of the party with Corey. It felt good to be in his arms. She had been taking a little bit of a break from men in general lately. She needed perspective. She had thought she was figuring it all out and then came this wedding party. It was making her remember her childhood dreams. And then came Corey. When he held her she could picture him as her knight in shining armor. If only she didn't know that she would somehow find a way to ruin it in the end.

As the Avery men ate cake and chatted, Corey thought about Faith. He really should try to win her back. He loved her. He needed to find a way to take away her fears. Then perhaps they too could plan a wedding party.

It was late in the evening when the party started winding down. It was a wonderful party despite the short notice. Everyone said so.

Ben was very happy with how things turned out. Bede and Amanda seemed to truly belong together. Unlike some of the other weddings he had been to in his life, he thought that this marriage would in fact last a lifetime.

Faith left the party alone but wearing a dreamy smile. It was a magical day. She was so happy for Bede and Amanda. They were blessed to have found each other. They were blessed to have found a way to be truly happy.

And truly happy they were. Bede kissed his wife. Wife. Such a wonderful word. She was his now and forever. He was never letting her go.

There had been one thing that he had been especially looking forward to tonight. He had waited years to be with Amanda. Neither of them wanted to wait one more minute. Bede swept his wife off her feet and carried her into their bedroom.

Once there he was finally able to let go. No more holding back. No more cold showers. Tonight was the night that both he and Amanda had been dreaming of for so long.

That night the happy newlyweds didn't get much sleep. They explored a side of their relationship that had previously been avoided.

Amanda didn't use birth control that night. Neither she nor Bede wanted to. They both wanted children. The sooner the better.


Anjel76 said...

I'm with Faith: *insert dreamy smile* Hehe.

What a lovely wedding. I don't know about Faith though. She's a romance sim, and once they are walking down the path of the dark side ... forever will it dominate their destiny. ;O)

Simaholic said...

Great wedding! Amanda and Bede are sweet. I've been rooting for them all along :o)

Qosmic said...

Once a romance sim always a romance sim, but there's more to them than woohooing 20 people. I wish happiness for Faith! Oh, and Bede and Amanda are meant to be, I'm sure they'll have a great life. :)

simstar28 said...

I am really routing for this couple. I like them. Your writing has a way of making me want to go play my game right now, but I also want to finish your blog. This is my third day on just Eden Falls alone. Off to read more.