Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 54 - Graduation Spree

The Greek House is preparing for big changes as both Bram and Boris have both just finished their last finals. They will be graduating tomorrow. Trista, Valerie, Laura and Brooke aren't far behind. Everyone is ready to finish up school and start their own lives. Trista is most ready. Brand has recently moved out of the family home and has found a nice place of his own. He has been so busy with the packing and moving and taking care of little Carina that he hasn't been able to spend much time with her. She gets really cranky when she hasn't seen Brand in a while.

Luckily for everyone, Bram has his brother on speed dial. He calls him up and tells him to come over or else. Trista is always in a much better mood after a Brand visit.

Brooke has been in a daze lately. She has been studying like a crazy woman in order to graduate early. One day she was in such a state that she practically ran over the mail man. Brooke began apologizing and then stopped mid-sentence after looking into the eyes of Colin Day. (Yes this is the same Colin Day who has been 'dating' Faith.) She had never seen such beautiful eyes before. Colin of course noticed Brooke's reaction to him so he quickly struck up a conversation. The two chatted for quite some time before one of Brooke's brothers walked by thus ruining the moment. Brooke did give Colin her number though.

Instead of calling, Colin did one better and just showed up. He and Brooke sat out on the front porch and talked for a while. Eventually, Colin put his arms around Brook and pulled her close. Brooke has no experience with men. She never dated. She's always been to busy with other things. Now she finds herself feeling things she's never felt before.

Eventually it gets late and the two new friends had to separate. Brooke says good night and starts to head inside when Colin quickly leans over and kisses her. For Brooke this was a magical first kiss. A moment she would not soon forget. Colin follows this kiss up with another rather innocent kiss before turning and heading off into the night.

The next day was to be a graduation party for Boris and Bram. Boris has been feeling a little claustrophobic lately. He went ring shopping with Bram. That was the beginning. Since then he has been feeling like the entire world is closing in on him. Everyone, especially Valerie, is expecting him to purpose. He just can't. The thought of marriage scares him senseless. He has no idea why. He always thought that he would get married someday but now he just can't see it. He loves Valerie. They've been together for over three years now. He does want to be with her. He doesn't want to marry her. Knowing what his brother has planned for tomorrow, Boris ops to skip the party and just head home. With Brand moving out there is an unused loft apartment back home. He plans on staking his claim. Without saying goodbye to anyone, including Valerie, Boris tosses his stuff in a bag and calls a taxi.

His siblings manage to catch him sneaking away. Bram is speechless. How could he leave without saying anything to Valerie? Now he is left to try to explain something to her that he doesn't understand himself.

Despite a long night full of shouting and tears, a graduation party was thrown the next day. Several of Brams siblings attended. Boris was very noticeably absent.

The events of the previous night have made Laura appreciate Bram even more. Maybe it's a good thing that they have waited all this time before sleeping together. Now that they truly know each other, maybe they will be able to hold on to their love no matter what happens.

Bram had been planning a big speech in his head for the last few weeks. He was going to take Laura outside and ask her privately. That was the plan but plans are meant to be broken. He loves this woman and he doesn't want to lose her. He gets down on one knee, in front of everyone in attendance, and asks Laura to be his wife. Laura is shocked. She had hoped this was coming but somehow she wasn't quite prepared when it happened. After a moment of silence she quickly said yes. Bram removed the ring from it's case and slid it onto Laura's hand. The two shared a kiss that you don't normally see in public. Of course for them no one else was around.

Valerie was however around. She saw the proposal and it broke her heart. She was suppose to get a proposal like that. Instead she didn't even get a goodbye. What did she do? What could have went wrong? Did he not love her? With tears sliding down her check, she slipped out the side door. She didn't want to spoil her friends big moment.

A few hours later, Bram called a cab and headed back to Eden Falls. He had found a plot of land beside Brand. There he would build a home for himself and Laura.

With the guys gone and everyone else graduating at the end of the next semester, Trista knew that it was time to find someone to carry on. Who better than an Avery. So Trista called up William and asked him to move in. He of course accepted on one condition, Aiden must come too. So the last two Avery boys moved into the greek house.

Across campus, Bianca and Shane were preparing to graduate. Bianca had been waiting for the right moment to be with Shane. That moment was now.

Bianca and Shane spent a wonderful afternoon together. Shane told her that he loved her. Everything after that was just icing on the cake. Bianca had been talking to her sister about sharing a house. Maybe Shane would consider sharing it with them. She asked and he said yes.

Bianca didn't do a big graduation party. She and Shane caught a taxi and headed back to Eden Falls. They were meeting Brooke there. Bianca couldn't wait to start her new life with Shane by her side. Although they haven't discussed marriage, she already wants to have kids. She hopes Shane will ask soon and agree to a quick engagement. She wants babies. She wants them now.

The semester passed quickly. Brooke graduated with honors. Colin stopped by to help her celebrate. Brooke wanted Colin to move in with her and Bianca. She didn't know what's he'd say when she asked but she wasn't ready to ask yet. There was something more important on her mind.

She wanted to truly celebrate her graduation. She and Colin had been dating for a few months now. The had progressed from sweet kisses to fiery passionate kisses. Brooke wanted more. She wanted Colin. Colin was more than willing to give her what she wanted. She took him to her room and he took her to a whole other world.

While Brooke celebrated, Laura had a small graduation party. It was small because neither Brooke or Valerie wanted to participate. So Laura called up Bram and a few friends. She had a great time. When the party was over she and Bram hopped a cab and headed home. Laura couldn't wait to see the place.

Brooke left a few hours later. She was meeting Bianca to look a house. Then she was calling up Colin. She loved him. She wanted to be with him. She would ask him to move in. Maybe someday they'd even get married.

Valerie had a miserable final semester. In all these months, Boris has never bothered to call. Apparently he's doing well. According to his brothers he's found a job at a restaurant in Eden Falls. He's doing what he always said he wanted to do.

What does Valerie want? Well...she wants to strangle Boris. She also wants to strip him naked, tie him to a bed and keep him captive indefinitely. She still loves him despite the fact he's being a complete ass. She still wants him. She still thinks she can have him. She's arranged to move in with Bram and Laura. She figures she'll get settled in and then she'll go after Boris. She will have him one way or another.

Trista was the last to leave. She left some final instructions with William and Aiden. Then she headed out. There is a man with pointy ears and a green skinned daughter than she badly wants to see. She wants to wake up beside him for the rest of her life.

Back across campus, Amanda is also working towards graduation. She has been very lonely since she was left alone in the dorms. Well she's not really alone. There are seven other students living there. Before when Brand, Bede, Faith and Binah lived there, she felt like such a part of the family. Even though Bede still calls regularly, she hasn't seen him. She misses him. She misses them all.

Well Brand does call her. He actually calls her all the time. He's really been sweet to try to keep her updated on how everyone is doing. Amanda doesn't know what she would have done without Brand to talk to when she got really lonesome for Bede.

Oh, and Kendal. Kendal has been great. She and Amanda have become study budies these last few semesters. Amanda often talks to Kendal about her dreams for the future. Kendal isn't quite as open about her future plans. She has told Amanda that she's in love with someone who has already graduated. She won't tell her who though. Amanda begins to suspect that it is an Avery but she can't imagine which one. Maybe Boris? He did break-up with Valerie. Well I guess that's what you call it. She doesn't really seem like his type though. Whoever it is she misses them the way Amanda misses Bede.

Amanda and Kendal both eventually graduated. She called Bede and told her she was coming home. He asked her about a party. She simply said she didn't need one. All she needed was him.

Back at the greek house, with the girls gone, the boys start having fun. Aiden and is professor kick their relationship up a notch. They have been friends for years now. She was their for him when both his parents died. He thinks he loves her. The whole Meredith thing has kind of turned him off girls but Caryl isn't a girl. She is a woman. With her he feels safe and secure.

Caryl never intended to start a relationship with a student. Aiden is just different. One night while she is over she find herself standing outside his bedroom. She takes him by the hand and leads him inside. She has wanted to do this for a while. No one can find out about this. Professors have been fired for less. It's a risk she probably shouldn't take. Once she pulls him down on that bed it's simply to late to have second thoughts. She and Aiden share a wonderful night together.

Although it isn't his first time, it's the first time he actually remembers. Weird thing was that sometimes when Caryl would kiss him he could almost see Meredith's face. He feels guilty for thinking about her when he's with Caryl. She deserves better than that. That night he dreams about Meredith. When he wakes up to find a warm body snuggled up next to him he immediately thinks it's her. It's when he goes to pull her to him that he realizes it's Caryl. What is wrong with him? Why is he suddenly thinking about Meredith? He never had feelings for her beyond friendship. She was always Williams girlfriend. He couldn't have feeling for her. As he holds Caryl in his arms he vows to put the entire Meredith incident behind him once and for all.

William is also kick starting his love life. He has been celibate for far to long. It's time to put Meredith behind him. It's time to move on. This new cheerleader isn't even all that cute but she's willing. That's more than enough for him. Time for this romance sim to jump back into the saddle.


Simaholic said...

Wow what a marathon of college life. How do you keep them all straight? I know I get myself confused, LOL.

Oh and this line: "What does Valerie want? Well...she wants to strangle Boris. She also wants to strip him naked, tie him to a bed and keep him captive indefinitely" cracked me up!!!

Great Update!

Anjel76 said...

WOW!!! That WAS a long update. But a very nice one. So many people have graduated! You're going to have SO many satellites ... or are there really only a couple? Did most move back into the legacy home? I wasn't certain. ;O)

aquatami said...

I actually have 12 active houses. I NEVER wanted that many it just sort of happened. I was originally planning to lose some kids somewhere but I got attached. Now the family story feels more important than the legacy itself. The legacy is just something I work on every now and then. At least now I can get lines 2 & 3 headed towards the next generation. I will hopefully be able to consolidate the number of houses in a generation or two. Maybe.

And how do I keep them straight..a notebook. Three ring binder with loose leaf paper and a tab for each house. I write down the important stuff. When someone changes houses move the piece of paper to the right tab. If I ever lose my notebook I'm screwed.

Qosmic said...

He he... Gotta have the mandatory notebook to be a true LC simmer. But still, I'm amazed how you can keep it all straight!