Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 44 - Rebecca & Quinton

Quinton Chin and Rebecca Tsang met in high school. You see they were both dating siblings. As fate would have it the two wound up sharing a dorm in college. They both broke up with their high school sweethearts. They both hung around the same people. They got to know each other pretty well. Then one day one of them flirted with the other at a party. A year later they were in love. After recently graduating, these two are now ready to start their lives together. They just purchased this big old farm house that Rebecca thinks will be perfect for them. Quinton hasn't purposed but Rebecca is sure he will. She just knows it will be any day now.

Recap: Quinton - Knowledge: Rebecca - Family

(btw they actually dropped out of college but graduated sounds so much better)

Rebecca spent her first night in their new home meeting the neighbors. She was bored senseless. She wanted to be alone with Quinton. Their first night alone should be special. Romantic. This is not how she pictured the evening going.

Quinton spent his first night trying to get closer to the stars. If Mitch Byall can meet aliens then so can he.

Rebecca found a job in the military. Quinton found something in medicine. The two were always working. They were either at work or working towards getting promotions. Rebecca still waited patiently for that proposal. Every day she gets just a little more depressed. He rarely even kisses her any more. They sleep in the same bed but he hasn't once tried to get intimate with her. What exactly is he waiting on. She wants a family. She doesn't want to wait forever.

As Rebecca spends yet another night alone, she begins to form a plan. If Quinton won't make the first move then she will.

The first opportunity she sets out to seduce him. In college they said they would wait until they graduated. Well they've graduated already. It's time to get down to business.

The minute it was over, Rebecca knew it had been a mistake. Something just wasn't right in their relationship. She loved him and she knows that he loves her but maybe that isn't enough.

Quinton knows that Rebecca wants something magical. But he needs to get that next promotion. This big house she just had to have took all their savings. He needs the money. He needs to learn new things. Once he become the chef of staff at the local hospital, then things will be different. Then he'll have more time to spend making her happy.

Lonely and depressed, Rebecca calls up her old friend from college Bianca. Bianca brought along her brother Banning. Rebecca had wanted to discuss something with Bianca privately but that just wasn't meant to be. Instead she and Banning picked up were they left off in college. Banning had her laughing within minutes. He had a knack for cheering her up. She suddenly realized how much she missed him.

Rebecca found herself wanting to flirt with Banning. Maybe it was because of her failed relationship with Quinton. Maybe it was a sign that her life was headed in the wrong direction. Maybe it was a big mistake but she went right ahead and did it anyway. She and Banning had been friends for a long time. Banning has also been friends with Quinton for a long time. Still, Rebecca followed her heart or her hormones and flirted away.

Banning surprised her by pulling her into his arms. He told her he loved her. He had always loved her but he didn't want to come between her and Quinton. Since she had flirted with him, he assumed that Quinton was somehow out of the picture. Finally he would go after the woman he loved.

Rebecca was surprised by Banning's confession. She had no idea that he was in love with her. Over the next few weeks, Rebecca and Banning spent a lot of time together. Quinton was never around. Banning still had no idea of the true situation. Rebecca was keeping secrets. Big secrets. Secrets that she feared would have Banning running away from her at top speed.

One afternoon, Rebecca took Banning by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. She had intended to just talk with him. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Of course she wasn't that surprised that they did very little talking.

While Quinton was at work she had sex with Banning. It was a magical experience. It was everything she was looking for and more. She did have regrets though. Big ones.

Because she never should have slept with Banning knowing that she was pregnant with Quinton's baby. What kind of woman was she? She was going to be a mom. She shouldn't be acting like this. Rebecca told Banning about the baby. She told him that Quinton didn't know yet. She told him that she had tried to force her relationship with Quinton and it resulted in this child. They weren't a couple. That's what she told him. She didn't tell him that they still slept in the same bed. She didn't tell him that Quinton probably thought they were still a couple.

Banning left that night happy but confused. He felt as though he finally had the woman he loved but she was having Quinton's baby. He was actually ok with that though. Since Quinton and Rebecca weren't together anymore, it would be fine for him to step in and take care of her and her baby.

Rebecca finally told Quinton about the baby. He seemed surprised. They hadn't talked about having kids. Rebecca began to fear he might purpose now. She wasn't sure what she'd say. She wanted Banning but she was carrying Quinton's child.

A decision never had to be made because Quinton never asked the question. He continued working hard to get promotions. They would need the money for the baby. He still slept beside her every night. He never tried to kiss her. He never tried to hold her. Where did their relationship go wrong?

Whenever possible Rebecca invited Banning over. She wanted him with her day and night but that wasn't possible. She still hadn't figured out how to tell Quinton about Banning. Yes she was a coward. She'd had opportunities but she just didn't know what to say. She didn't want to hurt him but she knew she was going to wind up doing that anyway.

When Rebecca went into labor it was Banning who was there for her. Well he and Leo but Leo was no help. Quinton was off gazing at the stars or something.

Rebecca gave birth to a baby boy. She named her son Saber Tsang.

Banning was right there every second to cheer her on. He was as excited as if this was his child. Rebecca knew that Banning was a good man. He was the right man for her. She had to tell Quinton the truth. She had to tell him soon.

As she took care of her son, Rebecca began making mental plans. She would order a new bed tomorrow. That was the first step. Then she would tell Quinton that she was in love with someone else.


Anjel76 said...

Tell him! Tell him! Then get on with your life, woman! ;O)

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Just catching up on things over here. :) What a cute baby! I think she should tell him how she feels. She deserves to be with the one who will make her happy in the long run.