Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 63 - Meredith Tells All

After several months, Meredith had finally gotten up the nerve to tell the Averys about her son. It took a lot of convincing to get William to come over. She called several times. He hung up on her twice before she convinced him that it was important and if he didn't come to her she would come to him. Once she got him there she was at a loss on how to start. There was so much to say and no matter how she said it was bound to be painful.

She didn't actually have to say anything as Marcus chose that moment to wake up from his nap. His cries told William everything. William got quite pale. Meredith told William that there was someone she wanted him to meet. She then went upstairs to get her son.

William watched as Meredith gave her son a bottle. She told him the child's name was Marcus. When Marcus went to play with his rabbit, William followed him. He sat there staring at the little boy.

Suddenly William noticed that Marcus looked a lot like Aiden did as a child. Since Meredith wasn't going to tell him he just asked. Whose son is this?

Meredith explained she hadn't told them she was pregnant because she didn't know who to tell. Looking at Marcus, she was not almost certain that Aiden was the father. She thought that they both should know. She wanted to tell William first because she figured she owed him that much. She had set out to hurt him. She succeeded. She really didn't want to hurt him any more. She just wanted Marcus to know his family. She just wanted him to know the Averys.

Meredith said that she was going to call Aiden tomorrow and tell him. William asked her not to. He would tell his brother. In a lot of ways this was his fault. He shouldn't have cheated on her. He drove her to do what she did. Besides finals were this week. They needed to pass if they wanted to graduate this semester. After finals he would tell Aiden. He had no idea how he would begin that conversation but he'd think of something.

The week passed quickly. Before William could tell Aiden about Marcus, Aiden did the unexpected. He purposed to Caryl.

He was in love with her. He wanted to marry her. He had put Meredith behind him. He almost never thought about her anymore.

William wasn't happy when Aiden told him the news. Why couldn't he have just waited? Add one more thing to the list of stuff he had to feel guilty about. Well he had to tell him now. He had to tell him before he did anything else. So William told his brother about Marcus. He told him that he had a son. Aiden was at a loss. Why hadn't she ever told him? Was she sure it was his son? William told him the truth. No she's not sure but I am. Once you see him you'll know he's your son. He looks just like you.

Aiden was very quiet the next day. William was starting to worry. He knew that Aiden was trying to make some big decisions. He wished he knew what to tell him. In his place, he had no idea what he'd do.

What Aiden did was tell Caryl about Marcus. He told her that he had a son. He had just found out. He never even knew the girl was pregnant. He told her that he couldn't marry her right now. He had to get this all straightened out. Once things were settled, then....well then maybe they could start over.

Caryl stood there listening to what Aiden said. He had told her long ago about the girl who got him drunk and took advantage of him just to get back at his brother. She knew that this had to be the same girl. This lying cheating manipulative witch was going to try to use her son to get Aiden to marry her. Well not while she was around. He purposed to her. She loved him. He's the only man she's ever loved. He's the only student she ever even considered sleeping with. She was not going to loose him. She would do whatever she had to do to keep that witch from taking Aiden away from her. So...she lied.

What about our child? What about the baby I'm carrying? How does our child fit into your new plans?

Aiden was stunned. He was going to be a father. What the hell did he do now? He drew Caryl into his arms and kissed her. He'd figure it all out later.

Caryl hated to lie to him. She hated to stoop to that witch's level. All she had to do was get pregnant in a hurry. Then it would be true. Then she would win and the witch would lose.

Aiden Avery left college with his degree and headed back to Eden Falls. He had no idea how he managed to wind up in this mess. He had no idea how he was going to get out of it.


Simaholic said...

Oh poor Aiden! Caught between two scheming women. The Avery boys seem to be very good at catching those types don't they?

Anjel76 said...

OH GEEEEEEEEZ!!! Poor Aiden. It's not like Meredith wanted to marry him. She didn't! She just wanted him to know that he was a dad! And then ... *rolls eyes* Gotta love those people who jump to conclusions. Makes for BIG drama! *LOL*

Qosmic said...

Hm... I suspect Aiden and Meredith aren't through with eachother. He DID have thoughts about her while getting more intimate with the professor. She DID love him once. I wonder how this will turn out... *ponders*