Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 43 - Brand Graduates

Life on campus continues. William and Aiden are mending fences. William joined his brother in a game of pool. Afterwards the two had a long talk. They did however avoid a few topics but at least they are back on the right track.

Boris and Valerie seem to be having problems.

Ok, not really. Really they are very very close.

Why do people insist on pushing pool cues through me. First my head. Now my heart. Will it never end?

Laura had pursued Bram long and hard and all she had to show for it was one pissed off guy. So she changed her tactics. She stopped flirting. Stopped suggesting. Stopped accidentally brushing against him in the hall. She started just getting to know him better. She found out they had a lot in common. They were both playful and outgoing. Once she stopped the hard charge he stopped being mad. Suddenly they were having fun together. They were finally friends. Best friends. And isn't that where love should start from?

Bram seems to think so. Out of the blue he took her in his arms and kissed her. He'd wanted to do that for a while now. It was a good kiss and a good start. As long as she didn't push things.

Afterwards, Bram asked Laura out. On a date. We dress up. We go out. I kiss you good night at your door. Laura was awestruck. This was worth the wait. The two went out and had a wonderful time. Bram escorted her back home and kissed her good night by her bedroom door. He then turned and headed back to his own room wearing one heck of a silly grin.

Another semester has come and gone and Brand has finally graduated. He's amazed he made it this far considering all the times he considered dropping out. He graduated with a 4.0 majoring in Biology.

Of course they had to have a party. It wasn't as big as Ben or Blake's but it was pretty special. Juan the streaker stopped by to help out with the family jam session. Juan is a crowd favorite.

The guys mainly sat around eating and catching up. So Blake has a son with Yvette. Humm. How do you suppose that happened?

There was another mad cow incident. Mad Cow one (aka girl in the purple undies) flirted with Mad Cow two (aka Tracy Avery) which completely broke poor Quinton's heart. Most folks were shocked by the antics. Isn't Quinton dating Rebecca? The greek house is thinking of installing an anti-cow devise to cut down on the disruptions.

In the midst of the chaos, Brand got down on one knee and asked Trista Shaw to marry him.

Did we mention that there was a mad cow beating taking place in the other room at the time. Cheerleaders = anti-cow device.

Trista threw her arms around Brand. Yes she would definitely marry him.

Oh, and the cheerleader won in the end. I know you had doubts.

Brand and Ben had a private meeting to discuss Brand's future. It was decided that Brand would move back home while he waited for Trista to graduate. She only has two more years. Plenty of time for Brand to help Ben with the cow plant research.

At the end of the evening, Trista said goodbye to the man she loves. She knows he'll visit because she'll pester him constantly if he doesn't. Brand is going to miss her. If nothing else he'll miss the nightly woohoo. He'd kind of gotten use to it now.

Brand walked out with Juan. Juan considered it a killer party.

Boris and Bram had a meeting later that night. They decided that they needed to bring in a younger sibling. They will both graduate in about a year. So they called up Brooke. She'd been really bummed lately. Her twin barely speaks to her. She has no love life. She doesn't even really have friends. When her brothers asked her to move in she jumped at the idea. She raided the closet for a new wardrobe. She got a new look to go with it. With a fresh look comes a fresh attitude. This freshman is ready to take on the world.


sarianastar said...

OMG that's the best graduation scene I've ever seen. A proposal, a streaker playing guitar, and cows fighting. ROFL!!! Hilarious!

Simaholic said...

Oh that was too funny! What a roaring party that must have been! LOL

j00ky said...

lol, poor Boris and the pool cues!

The boys may look different, but I can't say who is the most goodlooking as I find they all are in their own ways. Personality wise, I love Brand, he seems so sweet :) I hope he has a good life in front of him with Trista!