Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 30 - Ben Graduates

Well the big day is finally here. Ben Avery has graduated from La Fiesta Tech with a 4.0 average and a degree in Biology. He is a big man on campus and will leave the greek house with over 20k.

Ben's graduation party has a duel purpose. First he celebrates the end of his college years. Second he tells his entire family that Katy has agreed to be his wife.

Aaron of course was thrilled by the news. Tracy ran up and gave Katy a big hug. Aaron and Ben finally had the talk that Ben knew was coming. Before his father could even ask, Ben suggested that he move back home. Of course Katy would join him after the wedding. He could help maintain the house. He could also help his father with his cow plant breeding research. Aaron just smiled. He had done a pretty good job raising this kid. He is the perfect choice to be the head of the family when Aaron is gone.

Ben invited as many family members as he possibly could. They of course brought friends. In the end there were way to many people on the lot. Ben prayed that the fire marshal wouldn't find out about this. (I decided to see just what my processor could handle. Apparently it can handle a lot.)

Bram found himself dancing with Laura Mellon. She's been spending a lot of time hanging around the greek house lately. Of course she is a member so she has every right to. He's having a really good time until he notices how much she looks like Diane. The thought puts a damper on his mood. He cuts out of the party early. He's got classes to go to. Yeah he could have skipped but he doesn't think anyone will miss him anyway.

Brand tries to get into a festive mood. It is good to see everyone but he's not really in the mood to celebrate. Maybe if Rebecca will get lost he and Trista can find a quiet place to talk. He rather talk to her than anyone else at the party.

Bianca finds herself in the hot tub with two rather attractive guys. In comes Brooke. She strips down to nothing and joins them. Bianca is really embarrassed by her sister's behavior. Why must she do that? Why did she have to come in here and ruin everything? No one will ever notice her while Brooke is walking around naked.

Valerie has been waiting for this party for a while. She knew that this would be a good chance to get Boris alone. Finally she sees him heading into a hot tub all alone. She is shocked to see that he isn't wearing a thing. She quickly changes and heads out to join him. This is her chance. She starts slowly. She offers a friendly massage. Yes there is a subtle suggestion to her touch. She seems to have at least gotten his attention.

Yes she's gotten his attention. Boris has never been the shy type. Suddenly he finds himself wanting to kiss he does. He doesn't care that his entire family is just a few feet away. He doesn't care that he isn't wearing a stitch of clothing. He pulls her to him and let her know exactly how he feels about her.

Things were getting pretty hot and heavy until Aaron showed up. Nothing like having your dad jump into the hot tub with you to cool a guy off. He and Valerie still held each other for a while. Eventually she realized that Mr. Avery wasn't going to leave so she got out of the hot tub and headed into the house. She was hoping that Boris would follow her but he didn't. Instead he and his dad had a very interesting conversation. At the end of the party, Boris would go home alone.

No Avery party would be complete without a lengthy jam session. The kids earned almost 3k that night. Mom and dad must have been in a generous mood.

Brooke finally left and Bianca was alone with Quinton. He has really beautiful eyes. She wonders if he's seeing anyone.

Faith keeps Amanda company. Amanda was a little nervous about meeting Bede's family. Most of them seem really nice but there sure are a lot of them. When he said he came from a large family he sure wasn't kidding.

Eventually the party came to a close. Everyone had a great time. Ben was finally headed back home. He had decided to take a quick vacation. Just a few days away from it all. Then he would go home and find a job. He and Katy had some last minute things to do. Soon he would be married. He knew his father wanted him to have kids right away. He would love nothing more than starting his family with Katy.

Ben made it home. He changed his clothes and his look. (No I couldn't resist. He just looks so much more hot elf this way.)

He quickly began his job search. So far he hasn't found anything in his field.

He spent the rest of the evening staring at the stars and wondering what the future has in store for him.


Zoe said...

Trying for an alien pregnancy? :) I'd kind of like to see an elf-alien...

Anjel76 said...

He is GORGEOUS!!! *Drool*

sarianastar said...

That was one big party! LOL. Ben sure is a hottie! Wow did he grow up well. I wonder if the aliens will find him as appealing. ;)

j00ky said...

Your right, Ben looks totally hot with his new makeover! and great going to Boris!