Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 39 - A Moment

Blake had felt like a complete jerk for treating Yvette as he had. She was just trying to be a friend and he had called her some very derogatory names. One day while the kids were in school, Blake dropped by Yvette's to apologize. He was thrilled to find that she hadn't held a grudge.

Yvette took Blake inside and listened as he told her the whole sorted affair. He hadn't confided in anyone else. She felt honored that he trusted her enough to tell her the truth. Yvette felt so sorry for Blake. He seemed so lost. Jan was his only love and with their relationship ending, he just didn't know what to do. Yvette did her best to comfort Blake. She found herself wanting to take away his pain.

So maybe that's why she kissed him. She never meant to. It just sort of happened. Blake responded to her instantly. His brain shut off and he just went with it. Some part of Yvette's old self took over. Clothing was hastily removed and thrown aside. Thoughts of husbands, wives and kids were completely abandoned. Right there on the living room floor, Yvette comforted Blake the only way she knew how.

There was no regrets in that moment. No those came later as Yvette gathered up their clothing. Leo would be home from school soon. Aiyana could return from her friends any time now. Irfan. She had never cheated on him until now. She refused to regret it though. Blake needed this. That somehow made it ok.

Blake had trouble looking Yvette in the eye when she brought him his pants. She knew that he would feel guilty. He had never cheated on his wife. He had never even been with anyone but his wife. This was new for him. Yvette took him in her arms. She told him it was ok. It just happened. They had shared a moment. That's was all. It didn't change anything. No one would ever have to know. They would still be friends....just friends.

Blake eventually managed to look at her. She took his hands in hers and told him to call her if he needed anything. She was always there if he needed to JUST talk. At that Blake managed a weak grin. He kissed her on the forehead before leaving for home.

It wasn't long until the entire gang returned home. Irfan went to work helping Leo with his homework. Aiyana hit the computer. She loves to chat with all the girls online. Yvette was cleaning. She had been cleaning all afternoon. She hated to clean but it kept her busy. She had been perfectly calm when Blake was there but after he left she became a nervous wreck. She led Blake to believe that one afternoon couldn't change anything but it could. Suddenly she feared losing Irfan. She never had before. He had cheated on her. He probably assumed that she had cheated on him. But knowing that she HAD cheated on him changed everything. What would he say if he knew? She wasn't going to tell him. He hadn't told her after all.

Suddenly there was a barrier between her and Irfan that wasn't there before. She just didn't act natural around him. He would notice. She knew he would.

Irfan did notice that something was wrong. He assumed, however, that it was because of him. Maybe she knew. Maybe she a least suspected he was being unfaithful. Yvette just seemed moody the last week or two. They hadn't been together for a while now. Wanting to change that, Irfan swept his wife off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. He loved this woman. He did not want to lose her.

That night seemed to fix whatever was wrong. Yvette went back to being her old self again. Things went back to the way they were before. Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. She let go of her fears. She was once again a happy woman.

Right up until the moment she suspected she was pregnant. She wanted to think that it was all in her head but she knew better. She just knew. A trip by the doctor's office confirmed her fears. She was having a baby. Six weeks. She had conceived this baby six weeks ago. She pulled out a calendar which told her exactly what she suspected. This baby was conceived around the time of Blake's visit. This could be Blake's baby. What was she suppose to do? Should she tell Blake the baby might be his? Should she tell Irfan that the baby might not be his? Should she just keep her mouth shut and hope it all turns out ok in the end?

Yvette didn't tell anyone anything for several weeks. Eventually she did tell Irfan that she was pregnant. She had thought about it long and hard and in the end she wanted to tell him the truth. All of it. So she did. The only thing she left out was the name of the potential father.

Irfan's first reaction was anger. How could you do this? Yvette very calmly pointed out that she wasn't the only one who had strayed. She knew. She had always known about the other women. She simply accepted it as who he was. She hoped that eventually he would stop. Irfan thought about all the girls he had been with since his marriage to Yvette. It occurred to him that he could easily have fathered a child by one of them without even knowing. He was in no position to judge her. She said it was only one time. The baby might be his. He could tell by the tone of her voice that she didn't believe that. His wife was carrying someone else's baby.

But no matter the father it was still Yvette's child. He would love it regardless. They would deal with this together. He would stop his cheating ways. Ok, he would try to stop his cheating ways. Yvette had no intentions of cheating again even with this man. They would make it through this.

Irfan did ask the one question that Yvette had hoped to avoid. Who was the baby's father? She told him the truth. She told him about Blake. Irfan very calmly stated that when the baby was born it might be apparently obvious that he wasn't the father. Blake was an intelligent man. He would figure this out. Maybe she should tell him. Maybe she should tell him that the baby might be his but that she was going to raise the child with her husband regardless. If he was in Blake's position he would want to know. Yvette had already considered telling Blake. She was amazed that Irfan was ok with that. She would always love the man before her. Deep beneath his cheating ways lies a heart of gold.


sarianastar said...

Wow! Suspenseful. I wonder who the father is. I suspect it's Blake, but it COULD be Irfan's right? You have a flair for the dramatic. I love it! :)

Simaholic said...

Ooooo, who is this baby going to belong to? Irfan or Blake? Blake or Irfan? And what in the world is Blake going to do if it is his? Oh the drama! LOL

Qosmic said...

I missed this somehow, and had to go back looking for it. For some reason it took me a while to find it. Although I'd already read what happened, it was still exciting!

j00ky said...

Oh my, the drama! ai, these sims.. I surely hope for the sakes of each family that it is Irfans child Yvette is carrying *crosses fingers*