Thursday, July 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 36 - Welcoming Generation Three

A few months after the wedding, Katy was able to tell Ben that he was definitely going to be a father. More than likely, the baby was conceived on their wedding night.

Ben was happy. He knew that his father's health was failing. He wanted to give him a grandchild before it was to late.

Aaron and Tracy were thrilled with the news. The house had been entirely to quiet with no kids around. They began unpacking the baby furniture and getting the nursery ready for the newest member of the family.

Katy had an easy pregnancy. She never had morning sickness. She wasn't too tired. She did crave sweets though. Ben had to bring home tons of ice cream in some very strange flavors.

Katy went on maternity leave from her job as a science teacher. Now it was she was just hanging around and waiting to deliver. The men treated her like she was made of glass. She was constantly telling Ben AND Aaron that she COULD walk to the kitchen and cook herself something to eat. Tracy kept telling her to enjoy it while it lasts. You'll miss it when you are running on three hours sleep with a crying toddler on one hip and trying to fix dinner with just one hand.

Katy spent a lot of the third trimester playing around in the music room. It was no surprise to anyone when she went into labor there.

After an easy pregnancy, Katy hadn't expected an easy delivery. She must be lucky though because that's what she got. With minimal effort, Katy have birth to a baby boy. Aaron was relieved the baby was finally there. Tracy had never seen a delivery from this perspective. It was an eye opening experience.

Katy gave birth to a baby boy with her red hair and his grandfather's grey eyes.

Ben finally made it inside just in time to see his father and mother celebrating. Oh wait...they do that regardless of what's going on around them.

Katy presented Ben with his son. Ben held the little guy in his arms. It's hard to believe he was ever this small. Following family tradition, Katy had agreed that Ben would name their son. Ben named his son Connor which means high longing. Welcome to the world little Connor Avery, the first member of generation three born into the main house.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were in their shoes.

Ben took his son to the nursery. He couldn't believe how much one person could mean to you. He could almost understand his father's desire for so many children. Almost. For now he was happy having one child. He was happy just being Connor's father.

Aunt Binah stopped by. She hadn't told anyone of her suspicion yet. She wanted to meet Connor and try to get use to the idea of having a baby of her own. They sure are squirmy little things aren't they? She wasn't sure that she was cut out for motherhood before. Now she really has her doubts. Is it easier when it's your own?

Soon after his son's birth, Ben reached the top of his career ladder. He was not an ecological guru like his father. He could now carry on his father's cow plant breeding research. That day Ben also got a big bonus at work for his research in dinosaur cloning. Add that with the bonus for getting his promotion and Ben really raked in the dough that day. He surpassed the 100k earnings mark and is now in a very very happy mood. (Any guesses on the new lifetime want that rolled up? Anyone? Let's just say that NO Ben will not be turning to a life of crime. Not while I'm in charge.)

Of course his mood has little to do with his job. Mainly he is just happy about being a father. Turns out Ben is a natural at fatherhood thus far. He and Connor have a great time together (when the ladies aren't around to be worried about silly stuff like tossing babies into the air).

Some of his happiest moments are just watching his son sleep. Soon Connor will be a toddler. Ben wants to savior all the baby moments while he can.

Aaron comes home from work with the strangest sensation. He somehow knows that his life's timer has run out. (And even after all these years, Tracy is still checking out her man.)

He calls up his girls. He wants to see them before he goes. He doesn't tell anyone of his belief. He simply spends the afternoon with all his favorite ladies.

It turns out that Aaron was right. Death came for him late that afternoon.

Aaron had worried about this part. He feared his earlier dealings with DEATH might come back to haunt him. It turns out that his fear was unfounded.

DEATH welcomes him with open arms. He escorts him to the next life.

Everyone was terribly upset. Tracy and Bianca seemed to take it the hardest.

Bianca mourned her father. She couldn't believe that he was gone. Her life had seemed so bleak lately and her father had become her lighthouse in the storm. What would she ever do without him?

Ben was upset also. He tried to hide the extent of his grief. It was Connor's birthday. He had to be strong for him. He only wished that his father had lived to see Connor grow up.

Aaron Avery, my beloved founder whom I grew way to attached to, was placed in a spot of honor to await his beloved Tracy. He is survived by the love of his life Tracy (also known as wife two and four), fourteen children and five grandchildren (one of which he didn't know existed plus number six that no one yet knows is on the way). Aaron's life was extended by six shots of elixer (the last one to see Connor born) plus he drank Tracy. It upset me so much to know he was about to pass that I left the main house and didn't come back for three real days. I just couldn't face it yet. Aaron topped the same career path twelve times in his life. He correctly answered the same chance card four times though he did get it wrong once. He made more cash than any sim I've ever played. I received inheritance but no pop up telling me how much or to whom. He then became a dead elder stuck on the neighborhood screen but I took care of it. I tortured this poor sim greatly but in the end I did make sure he was happy. Aaron had two lifetime goals that did remain unfinished. He did not live long enough to see six of his children marry. Yes I earned the platinum grave the hard way. Also, he never did unlock the secrets of the mysterious cow plant that he so wanted to breed. He leaves behind his journals for Ben. Hopefully, one of his descendants will eventually discover the mystery behind these rare and deadly plants.

(*cries* I am really going to miss him.)

But life goes on. Aaron wouldn't want his grandson's birthday to be left undone. So all the women gather, put on smiling faces and help make Connor's birthday a happy one.

Connor is now a toddler. Ben was amazed to see how quickly his son has grown up. Such a little man.

Holding Connor helps Ben deal with the pain of dealing with his recent loss.

Connor Avery - Generation Three, Line One -Pisces - 6 neat, 2 outgoing, 10 active, 4 playful & 9 nice.


Simaholic said...

Connor is precious. And he has the elf ears!!!

I'm so sorry to hear that Aaron has gone on. I too get attached to my sims and feel sad when they die. Especially when it is your founder because you have gone through so much with them.

Anjel76 said...

My condolences on your loss. It happens to us all eventually. It hasn't happened to me yet ... I shudder at the thought. Congrats on the son inheriting the ears though.

lexsi340 (Mel) said...

In such a tragic time... I was devastated when Tracy died (Nancy I applauded... lol the little tramp). But I have never been this said to see a sim go. At least Connor has the ears, he is cute! I never much liked the ears but Connor looks too cute with them!

Qosmic said...

Connor is such a great name. Sweet to see gen 3 arrive, but sad to see Aaron go. I understand completely the sadness and agony of it. I dread the day it's time for my own founder. Hm... Better stop now, before I get myself crying. *sobs a little*

j00ky said...

ah the death of the founder - RIP Aaron! I would have thought one of Tracey's biological kids would have been the g2 heir.. how wrong I was but it's good to see that Connor has the distinctive Avery ears!