Sunday, July 03, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 18 - Baila's Graduation

There have been some changes since Blake's graduation. Baila is now determined that she will be next. Mitch has just recently been approved for graduation. He will graduate this semester. She hopes to graduate next semester. First step, gain the last little bit of knowledge that eludes her.

All done. Now she know it all.

Mitch did graduate with perfect grades. He is putting his job search on hold to spend more time with Baila. He doesn't want to leave without her but he knows he'll have to eventually. He can't just hang around forever. So he's started looking for the perfect starter home. He wants a place for the two of them to start their lives together just as soon as she finishes school.

After a while Mitch starts worrying about Baila. She's been spending more and more time away from the greek house. Now she's getting strange phone calls at all hours of the day and night. She seems to be withdrawing from him but he can't figure out why. He hopes that he's just being paranoid. Maybe he's taking it personally that she's studying at the student union instead of being there with him. He's tried to talk to her about it but she always changes the subject....

...or simply distracts him. She's very good at distracting him. Whenever he holds her in his arms things seem so right. It's later when he sees her sitting alone looking worried that his fears come back. He doesn't understand why she doesn't just confide in him.

Ben has noticed that Baila seems a little stressed but he himself has been distracted. Katy has been spending more and more time at the greek house. Sometimes he asks her to spend the night with him just so he can hold her. He loves her so much. He knows that he too will soon have to stop fighting it and stop changing major and finally graduate. But life seems so good right now. He just doesn't want it to change. He doesn't want the burden of being the eldest child but there isn't much he can do about that. He is the eldest. His father will eventually ask him to take control of the family. He knows it. He always has. Maybe that's why he's spent so much time in college. This is his last bit of freedom.

Baila takes her last exams. She is scheduled to graduate that weekend with perfect grades. Mitch congratulates the woman he loves. The two celebrate long into the night.

The next morning Mitch has is finally leaving college and moving back to Eden Falls. Baila hates to see him go but she knows she'll see him soon. Right after her graduation party she will pack her bags and move in with him. She can't wait for them to be alone together. Neither can Mitch. He has plans. Big plans. He can't wait to get Baila back to Eden Falls. He has something very important that he wants to ask her.

On Baila's big day the most of the family stopped by to celebrate. Baila was happy that college was finally over. She made a lot of friends and had tons of fun but it was time to move on. She now has things she has to do.

Baila hadn't told her family about her relationship with Mitch. Well Ben knew... and Binah and Bram and Blake but not Aaron. Aaron was shocked to see his baby girl flirting with Mitch the way that she was. He knows she's all grown up. He knows that. Seeing it, however, is something else entirely. Why did no one tell him she was having a relationship with Mitch? It's apparent by the way they are acting that the two are sleeping together. Baila use to tell him everything. Obviously that has changed.

Baila let it be known through her actions that this was the man she loved. Aaron decided to spend some time with this boy. He needed to know his intentions. He had always seemed a nice enough kid when he visited the house. That was before though. That was when he was just Ben's friend. Now he was Baila's love. That changes everything.

It didn't take Aaron long to realize that Mitch deeply loved his daughter. He told Aaron confidentially that he was planning to ask her to marry him. Aaron was at least glad about that. He would rather that they marry then just live together. Not that he had room to talk mind you but this was his daughter. She could do better with her life.

Aaron was disturbed by some of the things Mitch said. Maybe the kid needed to do some more growing up. He seemed to have a fascination with the paranormal. Obviously this boy didn't know much about the field. When you've been through what he's been through, you realize that some things shouldn't be trifled with.

Blake arrived late to the party. He was trying to keep to himself but Ben would have none of it. His brother was still being distant. He knew that he had recently completed construction of his house. He had no idea what happened with him and Jan. He assumed they were still engaged but he wasn't about to ask. That simple questions could turn Blake into a raging fury. Ben didn't want to ruin Baila's day but he wish his brother would confide in him.

Eventually Blake went inside to even managed to chat with his family. He had been distant and moody. He knew that. Things still weren't sorted in his life and he simply wasn't handling it well. Jan had flown back home after graduation to see her folks. She had emailed him and said she'd be by in a few days to see the new house. She said she had something she needed to tell him in person. Blake couldn't help but worry. What if she left him? What if she didn't?

Brand and Bram spent some time catching up. Isn't it amazing that these two came from the same parents.

Finally the family gathered around and tossed confetti. Their little Baila was all grown up. She was ready to start her own life. Aaron and Tracy couldn't have been prouder.

Only Baila realized exactly what her graduation meant. Now she would have to move back to Eden Falls. Yes, she would be with the man that she loved. She would also be lying to him. She had no choice. She couldn't tell him the truth. He could never know that her mother's former employers had threatened her. He could never know that she had no choice but to work for them just as her mother did. He could NEVER know that he was the key to it all. If she didn't do what these people said they would kill Mitch. She would not let that happen. She would lie, cheat and steal to keep Mitch safe. If she had to she would die for him. She hoped it didn't come to that. If she could keep the truth from Mitch and her family, then everything would work out. Maybe.


Anjel76 said...

Oooooooooooh boy!

How on earth did THAT happen?? I warned her that being a criminal mastermind was a bad idea. But did she listen? NOO! *grr*

I hope everything works out for the best. I hope she tells her dad!

Simaholic said...

First of all Baila is beautiful!

You have to watch out for those criminals and their families. The family always finds out and when they do it isn't for the best.

j00ky said...

I never noticed how gorgeous Baila was!