Thursday, July 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Scoring Recap # 1

Hi. I just thought that I would occasionally add these little scoring recaps just for anyone who is interested. I want to say upfront that I know not everyone will agree with the way I'm counting the points. I am aware that I can't technically count all the npc points until the lines merge but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm making the assumption that I will make it to generation ten and that I will merge all the lines as I originally planned to do. If it doesn't happen, well I'll take the points out then. I'm tracking all this in an excel worksheet. I have merged a modified prosperity tracking sheet that londonsim made with the legacy scoresheet. I've added a page to keep up with those darn npcs. So far it's working great.

This points recap is for the point in time following the last updated chapter.

Standard Points:
Generation: 3 = 3 points
Family Net Worth: 1,111,428 = 12 points
Platinum Graves: 1 = .5 points
Impossible Wants: 5 = 5 points
10 kids: Aaron & Tracy
Max all Skills: Blake, Baila, Brand

Bonus Points:
Scholarships: 9500: 12 = 6 points
Ben, Baila, Blake, Binah, Bede, Bram, Brand, Boris, Banning, Bianca, Brooke, Faith
College Points for heirs (only one heir per generation):
4.0 avg: 2 = 2 points
>15 friends: 2 = 2 points
> 20k: 1 = 1 point

Kids moving back home: 2 = 0 points (rounded down)
Tracy & Ben

All career rewards = 1 point
NPCs in bloodline: 4 = 4 points
Professor, Cow Mascot, Mail Carrier, Uni Bartender
Ghost Types: 4 = 4 points
Starvation, electrocution, scared to death, old age
Ghosts roam free = 2 points

Greek house = 2 points

Standard Points = 20.5
Bonus Points = 24
Total Points = 44.5

Well I hope that all made sense (and added up correctlly). Thanks for stopping by. I've really enjoyed all the feedback so feel free to leave more. Next up, probably sometime this weekend, Baila and Mitch have the talk.


PRMami said...

Makes enough sense to me; good for you.. I've counted my points too, but I tend to forget to update them but I tend not to focus on points but rather hoping my families reach to the next gen. with no problems as far as bugs and glitches go .

Anjel76 said...

You're doing pretty good so far with the points! Congrats!