Friday, July 29, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 56 - Bede's Chance

After the honeymoon, the young couple got down to the business of living. Bede was working as a director. Hopefully he would someday become an Icon. Amanda found a job as a fashion photographer. They both loved their work and each other.

As time passed they moved into a routine. Bede's family was invited over often. They were Amanda's family too now and she wanted to get to know each and every one of them. It was a daunting task.

Six months into their marriage, Amanda found out she was pregnant. The news came as something of a shock. She didn't experience any morning sickness. She hadn't been overly tired. When the doctors told her she was four months pregnant, she was sure he must be mistaken. Soon, however, she began showing and then she knew that the doctors were right. Bede was of course thrilled by the news. There was nothing he wanted more than to make his wife happy. The thing she wanted most was kids. He would give her as many as she desired.

Amanda went on maternity leave. She was spending her free time making friends and painting a portrait of her husband.

Faith came over a lot during the pregnancy. She seemed really interested in every little detail. Amanda could almost swear that Faith was living vicariously through her. Why didn't she just have a baby of her own? She didn't have to get married if she didn't want to. Single women choose to become mothers all the time.

As her due date approached, Amanda started to feel like a beached whale. Surely she couldn't get any bigger. She felt as though she might explode at any minute.

Early one morning, shortly after finishing her portrait of Bede, Amanda went into labor.

She gave birth to a red headed grey eyed baby boy. He was just adorable. Welcome to the world little Chance Avery (current heir, generation three, line three).

Bede would know how adorable he was if he didn't have the sudden urge to turn off the computer. WHY have I not downloaded the hack to make them stop that yet? Bede does it constantly. DRIVES ME NUTS! Forget conservation. Just leave the damn computer on.

Finally daddy shows up to tell mom what a great job she's done. A son. I have a son.

Amanda quickly hands Chance to his dad. She's done the hard work. He can feed him before he heads of to work.

After Bede heads off to work, Rebecca storms into the house unannounced. She starts saying something about Amanda spying on her. So what? Maybe I did. That gives YOU no right to barge into my home uninvited. I have a newborn. Do you really think I'm just going to let you prance your little butt into my nursery without an invitation? Sister-in-law or not you had better CLEAR OUT!

Things settled down after that. Of course there was some friction with Banning and Rebecca but Amanda didn't really care. She was to happy. She loved taking care of her son. So far she and Bede had been able to care for their son without having to hire a nanny. That was one of her goals in life. She had a terrible nanny experience as a child. Those memories still haunt her dreams from time to time. She never wants her kids to wake up screaming that the nanny is on fire.

Bede has been doing well at work. Just today he officially became an ICON. Though this would bring his family more money, it could mean that Amanda would have to hire a nanny. Yikes. This is one conversation that he doesn't want to have.

Luckily he doesn't have to yet. Tonight is Chance's birthday. His dad threw him a party and invited friends and family alike.

Since Chance was to young to make a wish, Bede made one for him. He wished for his son to grow up and find a love like the one he shared with Amanda.

Everyone looked on as Chance Avery became a toddler. He's going to look like his mommy, yes him is.

Chance Avery - Sagittarius - 3 neat (later encouraged to 5), 4 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful & 5 nice.

While Bede entertained the guests, Amanda began trying to teach her son to walk. The entire time she was thinking of her recent promotion. She was now an acclaimed muralist. Maybe it would be a good time to consider having a second child.

Later that night, while getting a little pick me up, Bede realized what a great success the party was. He is so happy to have been able to give his son such happy memories.

After everyone was gone and Chance was in his crib, Amanda discussed the idea of a second child with Bede. Humm....lots of woohoo, lots of woohoo, lots of woohoo...yes, I think we should try to have a second child.

After giving the whole conception thing his best effort (a couple of times actually), Bede went to spend time with his son. His mother already had him walking and talking. The least he could do is potty train him.

Valerie Haggerty dropped by from time to time. She and Chance have become good friends.

(OK. So three cheerleaders in the neighborhood at the SAME TIME was a big mistake. I'm already getting really annoyed with all the talking llamas. It's my own fault though so I guess I'll just have to get over it....or kill them all. haaaahaahhahhahaha)


Anjel76 said...

KILL them?! *ROTFL*

You slay me! What a lovely toddler. Too bad he didn't inherit the Avery ears. ;O)

Simaholic said...

OMG! Chance is soooo cute!!! I just love him! I think that Bede and Amanda are making some lovely children for us all to enjoy.

Qosmic said...

Chance is so cute! One of the sweetest Avery kids so far, imho. The line "After everyone was gone and Chance was in his crib, Amanda discussed the idea of a second child with Bede. Humm....lots of woohoo, lots of woohoo, lots of woohoo...yes, I think we should try to have a second child." cracked me up. He... You'd be a fool not to agree. :)