Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 29 - Life Changes

Amanda has been living in a dream every since Bede's kiss. She's having a hard time concentrating on school work. She has fallen for such a good man. He is trying so hard not to rush her. Not every man would be so understanding. Of course not every man is Bede.

Bede is smart. He's funny. He's handsome. And he's taking things really slow. He can't seem to get past those sweet little kisses. Amanda's starting to wonder exactly how slowly he's planning on taking things. She'd really like him to kiss her. REALLY kiss her. She wants to be pressed against him in a heated embrace. For crying out loud she'll be nineteen soon. She's ready to step things up a notch.

Faith can't stop thinking about Prof. Irfan. She really wants him to come by for a visit again. She misses him so much.

Irfan does come by for a visit. He then remembers why he stayed away. She's getting that dreamy look in her eyes. She's a sweet kid. She's the sweet kid of a friend. She's thinking they can have something that we just can't have. If she weren't Aaron's daughter he might fulfill her fantasy. Never get involved with the child of someone you know. It can only lead to problems.

Faith doesn't seem willing to give up though. For someone so shy she's doing a good job of flirting with him.

Finally Irfan gives in. It's just one kiss. That's all it will ever be.

Ok...two kisses. But that is absolutely as far as it goes.

Bede reached the point in his life where he has to chose is final path. He had always wanted to make friends. He had always wanted to become a sport star. After serious consideration he decided that those are still his dreams. Well that and Amanda. So he's making friends with the coach. Can never hurt to have contacts.

Teen Roll: Popularity: Sophomore Roll: Popularity: I guess it's just meant to be.

The cow tries to flirt with Amanda and she puts him in his place. She is NOT available. She is taken thank you very much so just back off.

Faith refused to back off. In fact she put things into high gear. She wants Irfan and she wants him bad. She knows he's married. She doesn't care. She doesn't want to marry him. She just wants to have fun with him and she's certain he knows how to have fun.

So one day when all her siblings are away from the dorm she invites him over. She wants him. She will have him.

Her first time is as magical as she had imagined it would be. Irfan was very gentle and yet very passionate. No matter what she will never forget this night.

Faith: Teen roll: family; Sophomore roll: romance; lifetime want woohoo 20 sims: No I don't know why I rolled her. Five students in one dorm must be to much for me. It popped up - which I wasn't expecting - and I picked up the dice. He was just suppose to fulfill her first kiss want to get her out of red. Funny how quickly things can change. She will be an interesting romance sim with ZERO outgoing.

Irfan knows this was a mistake. He should never have even been here. This can only end badly. She's a sweet kid but she's just going to get hurt. Or he's going to get hurt. Or Yvette's going to get hurt. Feeling extremely guilty, Irfan heads home to his wife.

Brand has struck upon an idea. Use his brains to make cash. Focus all his energies on maximizing his income potential. He could become the richest man in Eden Falls. He could earn more than his father ever dreamed of earning. He can't wait to get started.

Brand: Teen roll: knowledge - maxed all skills prior to moving to college - Sophomore roll: Fortune; lifetime want - earn 100k

Well that cow apparently didn't take the hint. He tried once again to hit on Amanda. He actually put his hands on her. How dare he.

Take that you COW!

Bede is so lucky to have Amanda. Amanda would never flirt with anyone else. She only wants to be with him.

As he kisses her he realizes that he loves her. He will never love another woman the way that he loves Amanda.

Finally Amanda gets her hot passionate kiss. She loves Bede so much. She doesn't want this to stop. She wants to feel his arms around her forever.

(For anyone wondering about Binah's sophmore roll - well there wasn't one. She remains a fortune sim. So far she's the only kid I haven't rolled.)


Anjel76 said...

Ahhh ... isn't int wonderful when dreams come true! I wish someone would kiss ME like Bede kissed Amanda. ;O)

Qosmic said...

I wonder what's gonna happen with Faith and Irfan. He deserves to get HIS heart broken for once, and who's better to do it than a young beautiful romance girl? ;)

j00ky said...

oh no Faith! What are you doing?! Naughty naughty Irfan!