Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 20 - Tracy's Heart

Life keeps moving right along at Avery Manor. Aaron enjoys the quiet moments. They are few and far between.

Guest are always coming and going. That's the price of having such a large family. Aaron finally gets a chance to meet Yvette's new husband. Yvette sounds deliriously happy. He hopes Irfan keeps her that way. He always like Yvette and would hate to see her hurt.

Ben drops by mom & dad's for a visit. He doesn't actually spend much time talking to Aaron and Tracy. Once he finds out the Prof. Irfan is visiting, he uses the opportunity to work on his grades.

Aaron had over the headmaster. Brand, Banning and Boris have all been accepted. Aaron really wants all of his kids to go to private school. He just wishes it didn't take quite so much smoozing to make it happen. Why can't he just write them a check?

Before you know it the twins are toddlers. This is Bianca. She is a Virgo with 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 2 active, 0 playful & 10 nice.

(I'm embarrassed to say this but my first thought was...cleaning ghost.)

This is Brooke. She is a Capricorn with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 10 playful & 0 nice. She's going to look a lot like her older brother Brand.

Ahhh...the joys of raising twins. Aaron finds himself happy that his family is now complete. Taking care of the little ones is starting to take its toll.

But aren't they just so darn cute. Tracy and Aaron have a fairly easy time with their girls. Although this is their first set of twins, Bede and Brand were born on the same day so they have actually been through this before. Besides, after the first nine kids, twins really aren't that bad.

Bede stayed for the twins birthday and then he caught a cab to college. He's moved into the dorm with his sister Binah. He was actually assigned his sister-in-law Jan's old room. Bram has now moved into the greek house with Ben.

Brand and Banning are still working on scholarships. They are hoping to be out of the house soon.

Arcadia tried to get back at Tracy. She upset her greatly but that wasn't exactly the affect Arcadia was after.

There was a great tragedy in Eden Falls. A house fire took the lives of two sisters and their husbands. It left five children orphaned. Tracy was upset to hear the news but even more upset when she heard of the children's fates. Social services has split them all up. They had sent them all off separately in different directions. How could they separate siblings and cousins like that? These kids had no other family and now they were being denied each others company. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair. Social services though said that no one family would take them all. Well she would. The Avery family could take them all in. Aaron was a little taken back by all this. He did feel for these kids but he already had eleven kids. How many more could he possibly raise?

Tracy and Aaron had a heated debate. Then they had icy cooling off period. Then they had a passionate make-up. In the end Aaron agreed. He had the money to raise these kids. Tracy had the heart. Their family could always handle a few more kids. So Tracy called the social worker and put her to work tracking down the kids. Once they were located they were to be brought to her. She would raise them, all of them, together.

The first child found was the toddler Aiden. Aaron still wasn't sure about this. Not until he took the child in his arms. How could he refuse such an innocent face? He and Tracy would raise this child as their own.

Aiden Landry Avery (son of Rhapsody Morgan Landry and Xavier Landry): Gemini: 1 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 4 playful & 10 nice

Aaron took his newest son inside to meet his siblings. Three toddlers in the house. He was getting to old for this. He was suddenly very glad that the twins would celebrate their birthday soon.

And celebrate they did. Brooke Avery is now ready to start school. Aaron needs to talk to that darn headmaster again. Brooke seems to love meeting new people.

And here is Bianca. Bianca is a little more of a nerd. She wants to learn all she can. Even as a child she already wants to repair broken stereos and unclog toilets. Apparently she doesn't know that there is plenty of time for that later.

With the house full and the scholarships earned, Banning heads off to college. Tracy always hates to see her babies leave. Hopefully he'll remember to call.

Brand repaired the stereo and unclogged the toilet for his dad. He has mastered all his skills and earned as many scholarships as possible. He then took care of Aiden for a while before calling a cab and heading off to La Fiesta Tech.

Banning arrived safely and was put into a dorm with Rebecca & Quinton. No siblings around. Well that's different. Now...off to find a wife.

Brand arrived later and was assigned to his father's old dorm which is also home of Binah and Bede. He has no real idea of what he wants to do with his life. He's thinking maybe medicine but then again maybe not.

Note: There really was a fire in Eden Falls. Two actually. You see, once upon a time there was a short lived challenge involving two sisters. I used Eden Falls because I was on the verge of deleting the entire neighborhood anyway. I do stupid stuff when I'm restless. By the end of said short lived challenge, both sisters had married and had children. This was long ago while Aaron Avery was in college limbo waiting to see if I would ever return to do his sophomore roll. This little challenge is actually the reason I did go back to Aaron. They are basically responsible for the entire legacy taking place. Despite the fact the families were in the neighborhood when he graduated and started his legacy, Aaron never met the sisters. After the kids started piling up I realized that I would never play these two families. I was on the verge of sending them to that big family bin in the sky when a suggestion by Qosmic started my little brain a churning. So...I killed off both sets of parents and let social services take the kids. These children will now be adopted into the Avery legacy. They may live happy lives or die miserable deaths. I don't know yet. Some of the info I may give you like whose kids these are will mean nothing to you but it means something to me. The two Morgan sisters were the only other CAS sims in Eden Falls. Now only Aaron remains and everyone in the neighborhood is directly tied into the Avery Legacy. I just wanted to get this all cleared away. I try hard to answer the questions before they are asked. Of course if I missed something then ask away.


Anjel76 said...

Those poor kids. DOOMED to a horrible death even before they've had a chance to really live. *cry*


Good update! :O)) Wow ... I can't believe that old man is going to adopt all of those kids. Good LUCK to him!

Simaholic said...

OMG! You have your hands full with all those kids. Poor Aaron, just when he thought he was done with all those kids. But Tracy just has too good of a heart. You have picked up quite the undertaking. Good luck!

sarianastar said...

The twins are so cute! Nice to see one of them has the ears. :) I love them pointy ears when they manage to pass down. Adopting FIVE children? Them's some brave parents, that's for sure. I have a hard enough time handling three children in the house at once, I can't even consider five, especially with some of them being toddlers. lol! The twins stay cute as they grow up, though obviously not identical at all. I really like Brooke's look. Her features make her look very exotic looking.

Qosmic said...

While busy doing the SimWorld Awards things, I got behind on your blog (you're not only creative but productive too!) and since I felt I wanted to read it all at once, even the chapters I've already read, it took some time before I got to do it. But here I am now, and I've missed your story so, even more than I realized.

Glad I could be helpful in any way. It's gonna be exciting to see the adopted kids in the story (see how behind I've been?), even if they're not "true" Avery offspring. It must feel good to have some that you already had a connection to, and not just Maxis random pick.

j00ky said...

It's interesting to see how different the twins are.. and it's really great you let us all know about the story behind the adopted kids.