Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 41 - Changes

Jan was at the end of the most miserable experience of her life. She was about to give birth to yet another child. She had spent months practically locked in the house. Blake watched her every move. She had tried countless times to make up with him but it was no use. She had finally gone to far.

Jan gave birth to a little girl with red hair and green eyes. She laid the baby on the bed beside her to await Blake's return.

When Blake returned she presented him with his daughter. He looked so happy with the baby in his arms. She had missed that smile. She had actually missed him or at least she missed who he was. Her betrayal had changed him. He seemed different now.

After taking his daughter to the nursery, Blake informed his wife that she was free to leave. He threw some papers on what once was their bed. Jan looked at the papers. He had filled for divorce. He would keep the kids and the house. She would simply get a cash settlement. It wasn't much of a settlement in her opinion. Surely he had more money than that. He was just being greedy. Maybe she wouldn't sign it. She had given birth THREE times. Her pain was worth more than that.

Blake hardly reacted when she asked for more money. Over the last few months, Blake had finally realized that money was all she ever wanted out of him. He could tell that she thought he had received a very large sum from his father's estate. She simply didn't understand how it works. She simply didn't understand him.

Blake lashed out at his wife. She never loved him. She only used him. She manipulated him into marriage. Everything was a lie. But he had proof. Proof of her infidelity. She would take the cash that he offered or she would get nothing. A judge would rule in his favor. Sign the papers, take the check and get out.

Blake never told Jan that the check had almost completely wiped out his bank account. She wouldn't care that he and the kids would have to struggle because of her. She didn't care about her own kids. The sooner she was out of their lives the better.

Jan signed the papers. She took the check. She walked out of her home and never looked back.

When the kids returned from school, Blake sat them down and explained things to them. He and their mother had gotten a divorce. They wouldn't be living together any more. He could see in their eyes that they were devastated. He tried his best to comfort them. He hated to see them in pain. He took them all into the nursery to see the new baby. She was going to need a name and they could help pick it out.

The kids all touched the baby. They played with her fingers and toes. Then Blake got down the old battered baby book that he bought when Jan was expecting Cassia. There was quite a lot of debate over the name. It had to start with a C. Everyone's name started with C except for Hope but she was special. She was adopted and Hope was the name her other parents gave her before they died. So Hope and Cassia poured over the C names until they found one they liked. Clay was given very little input. All his suggestions like Cmore and Cless weren't found to be funny by the girls. In the end the girls picked the name Cyra which means sun. So Blake gave told his newest daughter her name and then placed her in her crib. All the kids helped to tuck her in.

Pretty soon things got more normal. Blake knew that this was a hard adjustment so he tried hard to spend time with all of his kids. He helped them with their homework. He played games with them. He stayed on the verge of exhaustion but that was ok. He took great pleasure from being with his kids. They could never fill the void Jan left but they could keep him sane.

One day when while the kids were at school, Yvette dropped by for a visit. Blake was surprised to see that she was pregnant.

Without even thinking about it he reached out and put his hand on her tummy just like he did with Jan. Once he realized what he'd done he quickly apologized. Yvette said it was ok. She had a weird look on her face.

Yvette had a hard time getting the words to come out. She didn't want to hurt Blake any more than she already had. Finally she just said it. She's having his baby. She wasn't 100% sure but she was almost positive that this child was his. She told him that Irfan knew. He knew that she was here today. They had discussed it and they both wanted Blake to know.

Blake was shocked by this news. He was going to be a father again. He was going to be a father to a child he might never know. That bothered him.

Yvette reassured him that he could come and visit. This wasn't going to be a secret. They were going to tell Leo after the baby was born. They wanted the new baby to know its biological father. They would raise their child but they wanted him to be a part of its life.

That afternoon a very sketchy agreement was made. He and his family were welcome to come and see the baby just so long as they didn't interfere in the child's rearing. When Yvette left, Blake began to wonder exactly to explain this child to his family. For now he would wait. Once things were certain, then he's figure something out.

A few days later, Irfan stopped by for a visit. Blake was initially worried. He had slept with his wife. He had completely changed this man's family forever. In his shoes, Blake would be pissed. Irfan however was very calm. He and Blake talked for a long time. They just needed to come to an understanding. Irfan loves his wife. He will love her baby. He will let Blake stop by and spend time with his child. He will NOT let Blake stop by and spend 'time' with his wife.

Blake assured Irfan that he would not pursue a relationship with Yvette. He seemed sincere but Irfan still worried. He'd be a much happier man if Blake would start dating again. A happily attached man is a lot less likely to make a move on his wife.

Over the next few months the two family started getting to know each other. Irfan and Yvette both stopped by for dinner sometimes. Blake thought that it might help his kids with the changes that were to come. Irfan was there tonight to help celebrate a birthday or two.

It seemed to Blake like just yesterday when Cassia was born. Now she's practically grown. She'll be leaving him long before he is ready.

Cassia had decided to devote her life to family just like her dad. She can't wait to have kids of her own someday.

Cyra also had a birthday. She is now a toddler. She is a Virgo with 10 neat, 4 outgoing, 5 active, 4 playful & 9 nice.

Note: I have decided to keep the teen roll on all families even those that are no longer in the legacy line. Otherwise I'd have a neighborhood void of all popularity sims. I am also not cheating in any way. No getting fast cash. No reloading bad events. I can't promise I won't reload in a non-legacy lot but I'm really going to TRY not to. So far it hasn't come up.


sarianastar said...

As an infant, Cyra looks a LOT like Cavan. The same big green eyes and red hair. Do they look at all alike as toddlers I wonder?

Again, wonderful update. Thanks for sharing. :)

Simaholic said...

I have to say that even thought it was tough on Blake, I'm sooo glad he ditched Jan. She was really just trouble in the making. He is much better off without her but I do hope that there isn't much tension between Blake and Irfan surrounding Yvette and the new baby.

j00ky said...

Oh gosh, the look on those kids faces, I feel so much for them *sighs* but I guess it's better for them to be without Jan now then later...

Will definately be interesting to see Cyra and Cavan when they are older. Wonder if there would be any similarities? ;)