Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 26 - Arcadia's Revenge

The Avery house is filled to overflowing. Tonight is a birthday so Aaron invited over several of the kids who of course all brought friends.

There was a lively jam session upstairs. There is never a dull moment around here.

t the end of the night, Faith celebrated her birthday. She is now a teen. She dreams of starting her own family someday. She'd love to have six kids and seeing them all wed.

Then next evening, everyone comes back and for more birthday fun. First up is Aric. He wants to be Mr. Popularity and have at least 20 best friends someday.

Then it's Aiden's turn. He also wants to be popular. He'd love to be the mayor.

Finally celebrating a birthday is Tracy. She is now a sexy senior.

At least that's what Aaron tells her. Something about that grey hair must turn him on. He's been kissing, hugging and flirting with her all day.

Brooke gets the last of her scholarships and heads off to college.

She is followed closely by her twin sister Bianca. Faith is hoping she will be ready to go soon.

Oh for crying out loud. Get a room you two.

Brooke makes it to college and is placed in the dorm with Banning. She can't wait to start studying.

Bianca arrives safely and is put in the dorm with Boris. She finds it strange to be separated from her twin. She for one is glad to have some family living in the same dorm.

A few days later, William became a teen. He longs for romance and hopes to be a sports star.

Late one night, Aric thinks he'd like to see the portrait of Tracy. It was the last mistake he would ever make.

The ghost of Arcadia finally gets some measure of revenge on the Avery family. She has taken out one of Aaron's sons. It's only a small amount of retribution in her mind. Simply a starting point.

The family mourns the loss of one so young. Aric Morgan Avery was laid to rest beside Arcadia. The family will never forget him.

Aiden took his older brothers loss very hard. They spent most of their childhood apart and had only recently become friends. Now he was gone. Despite having thirteen other siblings, Aiden felt very much alone.

Aric's death was heavy on Aaron's heart as well. He felt responsible. He had promised to raise these kids. That meant looking out for them and keeping them safe. Not only did he not keep Aric safe, he help create the ghost that killed him.

Aiden and William started goofing off. They weren't studying. They weren't trying for scholarships. They mainly just hung around. They no longer cared if they made it to college or not.

Tracy and Aaron hadn't notice. For one thing they had both still worked. For another they spent all their time chasing each other around the house. They had always let their kids have a certain amount of freedom. They told them what was expected of them and the kids made sure it was done. After so many kids doing as expected it never occurred to them that these two wouldn't.

Faith did as she was expected. She got all her scholarships and was ready to head off to college. Tracy was sad to see her go. Her last daughter his heading off into the world.

Faith arrived at La fiesta Tech and was placed in her father's old dorm. She finds it exciting to be surrounded by so many of her older siblings. She finally feels like a real member of the family.


Simaholic said...

Oh that is so sad about Aric! Poor kid! I hope Arcadia doesn't claim too many more victims.

Anjel76 said...

Poor Aric. Did you need to scared-to-death ghost ... or was this totally unplanned? Poor kid. So young. And his poor brother. They'd just become friends! Damn that Arcadia!! *grr*

aquatami said...

I kind of regret killing Aric. It was really an impulse killing. All of the adopted kids learn so slowly it was driving me nuts. The house was to full and I was about to lose it at the time so I got rid of someone. I probably should have just stopped playing for a while. Would have more than likely saved a sim life. Lucky I did stop before killing off the other two so they will probably make it to adulthood, assuming of course that a satellite doesn't crash down on their heads.

Qosmic said...

What a great pic with Tracy and Aaron in their work attire there! Made me laugh. :)

j00ky said...

Woo Faith is one striking young lady! Poor Aric.. such a rough life he had. lol, loved the pic of Aaron and Tracey coming home from work!