Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 49 - Binah & Weldon

Weldon and Binah needed to have a talk. They were both thinking it. They were both dreading it.

One morning during breakfast Weldon knew he couldn't wait any more. Things had changed over the last two months. Two months ago he asked the woman he loved to marry him. Then tragedy struck. Seven members of his family died. Murdered more than likely although the deaths did appear natural. He had spent years distancing himself from them but he still felt the pain of their deaths. They were all members of the family business. The same family business that Weldon hadn't wanted to join. Now though he might not have a choice. His family headed a crime organization in the desert. With his father, brothers and uncles now gone, things were becoming unstable. One thing you don't want is criminals running lose with no guidance. An old associate had approached him about coming back into the fold. He was the last of the family. With him as a figure head, the organization would retain some stability. He could refuse. The associate could then decide to eliminate him. He could accept. Then he would be pulled back into a life he had vowed to escape. Either way he would more than likely lose Binah. She was his only family now. He didn't want to lose her.

Before Weldon could tell Binah about his family, Binah told him her news. She had been scared he'd be upset. They hadn't talked about kids but they were going to have one soon.

Weldon was shocked. A baby. They were having a baby. What did he do now? If he goes back to his old life, his family will be in danger. If he doesn't, his family will be in danger. At least as a member of a crime family he would have some sort of protection. He really had no choice. He'd have to take up the family business.

Weldon sat Binah down and told her. He told her why he couldn't make promises before. He told her why he almost walked away from her even though he loved her so much. He told her that he had to go back into the family business. He told her he understood if she wasn't willing to be with him anymore. He understood if she wanted him to leave.

Binah didn't know what to say. The crime family in the desert had killed Ben's mom. Weldon's family had done that. His family had deeply hurt her family. How could she look past that? How could she be with a criminal? What would her family say if they found out?

Binah was stunned into silence. She quietly stood up and walked in the bed room. She needed to lie down. Weldon considered this a bad sign. He was going to lose her. He just knew that he was. He sat there and stared into space until he heard Binah crying. He couldn't stand to know he was the cause of her pain. He got up and went into the bed room. He laid down next to her and put his arms around her. He held her as she cried herself to sleep.

Binah thought for a long time about her situation. She couldn't see herself with anyone but Weldon. She couldn't see herself raising her child alone. She wanted Weldon and she was willing to accept what he had to do. He had said that it wouldn't be forever. Once he got things stabilized he could get out. So Binah told Weldon that she would marry him. She then told him about Nancy. No one in her family could ever know what he was really doing for a living. They especially couldn't know that his family were the ones responsible for that. If he could keep the truth from her family and promised that someday he would leave it all behind him, then she would become his wife.

Weldon agreed. He would keep it all secret. He would get out as soon as possible. So Binah and Weldon began making plans to get married.

It was a small and simple ceremony. They couldn't afford anything else.

They had invited over several of Binah's brothers. Bede brought a date.

Binah was extremely happy to be marrying the man that she loved. She tried not to worry about the rest. For now it was enough to be Mrs. Weldon Miller.

Weldon had splurged on a wedding cake. Binah said she didn't need one but he knew that she wanted one. He might not have much money right now but he still wanted his wife to have everything she could possibly want.

It was an extremely happy day. The bride was radiant. The groom was in awe of her beauty. He was a lucky man indeed to have won the heart of such a wonderful woman.

Bede couldn't help but think about his upcoming wedding. Soon. Just as soon as Amanda graduates. Then it will be his turn to do the wedding thing.

Weldon tried to find some time alone with his bride. He couldn't wait for the honeymoon. Of course no matter where they went, one of Binah's brothers always seemed to be watching them.

Ben asked the bride for a dance. As the official head of the family he was obligated to do stuff like that.

Most of the guys just hung out and played pool. They are a pool hustling bunch the Averys.

At the end of the day there was a very happily exhausted bride. When all the guest left, she went straight to bed... and slept.

Soon after the wedding, Weldon began his career as a criminal. He was starting at the bottom and working his way up. He had never wanted to learn the ropes before so he had to do it now. Binah didn't worry about him to much. Right now he wasn't really in that much danger. She tries not to worry about the distant future. The immediate future is all she can handle.

Weldon isn't getting to see his wife as much as he'd like. He's working strange hours and doing strange things. He's been given some new responsibilities. He doesn't talk about it with Binah. He doesn't want her to worry.

Binah went into labor late one night. Weldon was off doing whatever it is he does.

Binah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has her father's eyes. Binah named her daughter Calandra. She hoped that Weldon would like the name.

Weldon loved the name and he loved his baby girl. He knew that he wasn't home much lately. He just had so much to learn. Someday though, someday he would give this life up. The little girl in his arms was the reason why.


Anjel76 said...

Awww ... she's so pretty. What a lovely baby. :O)) Congrats!

Darn that life of crime! It's going to make a mess out of EVERYONE'S lives! :O(

Simaholic said...

OMG!!! It was Weldon's Family that had Baila trapped! Do I smell trouble coming?

sarianastar said...

You've got the makings of some very awesome drama! Kudos!!

And what an adorable little baby with those big brown eyes. :)

Qosmic said...

D-R-A-M-A on the way!! Oh, and the pic where the newlyweds made out on the sofa while one of the brothers looked through the window was hilarious!! *lol*

dumblond said...

ooo very romeo and juliet i think!