Sunday, July 24, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 52 - Changes - Part Two

Time moves on. Katy has reached the end of her pregnancy. She has once again managed to have absolutely no troubles at all. She takes the occasional naps but otherwise she does as she always has.

Connor brought his cousin Clay home with him from school. Apparently the public & private school students use the same busing system. Connor and Clay are fast becoming best friends...or they would be if Clay didn't cheat at chess. Connor hates it when he catches Clay moving the pieces around on the board.

That night, Connor's peaceful dreams are interrupted by a terrible scream.

Katy has gone into labor. Everyone but Connor is at work. Connor rushes downstairs and tries to help.

He stays right by her side as she gives birth to his little sister. While Katy takes care of the new baby, Connor gets ready for school. He would be one worn out big brother by time school is out that day.

A close up shot of the newest Avery. Another baby with Aaron's grey eyes. Of course Katy has grey eyes too but I like to think it's all pulling down from Aaron.

Finally the entire gang gets home from work. Ben heads inside to check on Katy. Brand...

Brand suddenly realizes that Mitch was right. He's pregnant. He can deny it no longer. What will Trista think?

After a shower, Ben finally meets his little girl. After great consideration, Ben names his daughter Cordelia which means heart. She won her father's heart the minute he saw her.

Blake stops by and asks how things are going. Brand isn't seeing a doctor. How would he explain this to them? Instead Mitch is acting as his private physician. He is coming by regularly and checking on the progress. So far things are going great.

Well he and the baby are healthy at least. Brand is actually pretty miserable. Why would a woman do this more than once? He's tired. He's cranky. He's completely uncomfortable. He misses Trista but is afraid of what her reaction would be. He hasn't actually told her he's expecting yet. They are suppose to be getting married after she graduates. He has to tell her. At least that's what Ben keeps telling him.

Finally Ben just calls Trista himself. He invites her over and tells her the entire story. Trista isn't upset. She's a knowledge sim for crying out loud. She thinks it's great. Her man is having a baby. Now how many women can say that?

Trista takes good care of Brand that afternoon. She has him once again feeling like a man instead of a baby incubator. As long as Trista is by his side, Brand knows that he can handle any situation.

As the months go by, Brand gets larger and larger. Mitch says it's normal. Brand sees nothing normal about the situation. Although he does enjoy feeling the baby move, he can't wait until he delivers. He is a little sketchy on how the baby gets out. Either Mitch is lying to him or he doesn't know. Either way, Brand is one worried man.

Luckily he has friends who help occupy his time. It's when he's alone that he starts freaking out. So Brand is spending his pregnancy by calling up old friends. Anything to keep himself busy.

Aric has began haunting the place. He's one angry ghost. Maybe it's a teen ghost thing. (He's roaming around with an empty thought bubble making all kinds of mean facial expressions. You'd think I sold his bed or something...but I haven't.)

Tracy is very upset whenever Aric visits. His death is one of her greatest regrets. If only she could have saved him. If only she could save him now.

Cordelia has a quiet birthday with her parents. She is now a sweet little toddler. Connor enjoys playing with her now that she's gotten a little bigger.

Cordelia Avery - Sagittarius - 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 10 active, 5 playful & 6 nice

Brand was just getting out of the shower when he was hit by the most incredible pain. He let out a blood curdling scream that sent the entire family running upstairs.

By the time they arrived Brand was holding his baby in his arms. He appeared to be in some sort of trance. He suddenly snapped out of it and was surprised to see them all there. He was even more surprised to see his daughter in his arms. He had no idea how she got there.

Brand named his daughter Carina. (I actually got an alien nose. I'm kind of happy about that. She still looks pretty normal though don't you think. Really cute in an odd sort of way.)

The paper girl heard Brand's scream and came up to the house to see if everything was ok. Connor introduced himself and told her that everything was fine. His uncle just had a baby that's all.

Either Catalina thought he was nuts or she thought he was just some dumb kid. Either way, Connor couldn't get her to pay much attention to him. Even though girls are kind of yucky, Connor found Catalina kind of pretty. He was having a birthday soon. Maybe when he's older she'll pay more attention to him.

Tracy told Cordelia all about her alien cousin. Of course she's really to young to understand but Tracy told her anyway.

Brand called up Trista. She rushed over to see the new baby. Both she and Brand think that his daughter is quite beautiful.

Actually, everyone likes the new green baby. Cordelia can't wait until she gets big enough to play with.


Anjel76 said...

Awwwwwww ... I love that last shot. :O)) Thinking of her little cousin. Hehe.

Simaholic said...

I think the alien nose on the baby looks great. She looks really cute with it. I hope she still looks that cute when she gets older.

Qosmic said...

Like the name Cordelia! Makes me think of Buffy/Angel. I hope the sim one will be as charismatic when she grows up. I'm sure she will. :)