Friday, July 29, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 57 - Happily Growing Family

After Chance's birthday, Amanda started getting a little cranky. Suddenly her little red dress was just all wrong. This was not the kind of outfit that a mother should be wearing. Bede thought she looked great. However, when she sent him out to buy her some jeans and a t-shirt, he didn't complain. He just called a taxi. Best not to argue with her with she's being irrational. Maybe he would even pick up something for himself while he was here.

(Will you look at that. Faith is on a community lot with three of her lovers. From right to left: Colin Day aka mail man who has recently traded his uniform for jeans a white t-shirt and grew a beard, Corey Byall in the green shirt and Irfan in is professor uniform. Guy in the denim jacket somehow never made it into Faith's little black book. With me not controlling any of the above mentioned characters, let us take a moment to see what they do all by themselves. Could be fun. *insert evil laugh*)

Irfan has really missed Faith lately. He has given up all his other women. In his mind this is actually being faithful to his wife. Faith hasn't seen Irfan in a few months. She got caller id and stopped answering his calls. Although Faith once wanted to be his mistress, she doesn't think that is enough anymore. He's married and he needs to go back to his wife. Not right now. After the massage. Then he needs to head home to his wife.

Irfan isn't willing to give up on Faith that easily. He loves her in his own way. He wants what she once offered him. He wants her to be his mistress. He wants her to be the only woman in his life... besides his wife. So Irfan reaches over and kisses her. It's a kiss that takes her breath away. Irfan is damn good she has to give him that. Unfortunately for Faith, Colin saw the entire thing.

Colin was very upset. Granted maybe he shouldn't be. For one thing he knew what kind of girl she was she he started dating her. She never pulled the wool over his eyes for a moment. For another thing, he stopped calling her. He walked away from her. And let's not forget the fact that he has recently moved in with her sister Brooke. No, Colin had no reason to be upset, but he was anyway.

As he stared at her, Colin considered telling her about him and Brooke. How would she like it if she knew that he was sleeping with her sister? Maybe then she would know the pain of betrayal. In the end he didn't tell her anything. He simply walked away. Any feelings he had for Faith were gone. It was probably for the best. He loved Brooke. He was living with Brooke. Faith would find that out eventually. Then she could feel the knife twist in her heart.

Bede watched as his sister left the for home. He really didn't understand her. Why would she lead so many men on? Why not just pick one and try to be happy?

Later that night, Bede ran into Ben. He told his brother about what he saw. Neither of the two men had anyway of knowing that Colin Day was now living and sleeping with their baby sister Brooke.

When Bede arrived home he found out why Amanda had been so cranky. If was hormonal. She was once again pregnant. I guess she won't be needing those jeans any time soon. Oh well.

Amanda spent her pregnancy taking care of Chance and acting like a child. Don't you love those playful sims? Ok, I admit it. I'd rather have a serious sim any day. The playful ones annoy me slightly.

As Amanda's due date approached, Bede couldn't help but get excited. They were about to become parents again. On his wedding day he could only dream about what the future would hold in store for them. Now it was all reality.

But first it was time for the birthday boy to get a bath. Bede was throwing his son another party. You can never have to many parties you know.

Are you ready for your party little man?

Amanda held her son as everyone gathered round the cake. Bede didn't like Amanda carrying Chance right now. He was already afraid that she would go into labor at the party. No need to lift something as heavy as a toddler.

Notice that Blake is standing right beside Kendal, the woman who helped wreck his marriage. They played nice during the party. They basically avoided each other entirely.

Amanda held her son and helped him make a wish. Together they blew out the candles on his cake.

Chance is now a child. He happily grabbed the first piece of cake. If only his mom hadn't put him in ducky pjs. So embarrassing.

Here is Chance after a little makeover. Yep. Takes after Amanda in almost every way.

Chance enjoyed his birthday party. Aunt Binah played music and he danced along. Everyone else just sat around talking or playing kicky ball.

That night after the guest left, Amanda did in deed go into labor. Again Bede is to busy to pay attention. Focus man. Your wife is in LABOR!

Amanda gave birth to a blond haired grey eyed baby girl.

Isn't she sweet. Her parents named her Chesna Avery. Welcome to the world little spare heir.

First, yeah for the blond hair. I love to see Aaron's features pass on. Second, I didn't expect the grey eyes. Bede has dark blue eyes which should be dominant. I thought about it a while though and it does make sense. Bede would be dark blue/grey and Amanda would be grey/grey which does make grey more likely. Just seems odd though but maybe that's just me.

The next day Bede continued to work on his portrait of Amanda. He was watching the children and waiting on the Nanny to arrive. Although Amanda didn't like it, Bede insisted. They both had careers. They needed hired help.

After a grueling five hours of work, Bede returned home. He was happy to find that no fire had been set. Amanda had him slightly paranoid. After sending the nanny packing, Bede went to work teaching his son how to study. Maybe he would even buy him a desk soon. Only the best for his happy growing family.


Anjel76 said...

"Welcome to the world little spare heir."

*ROTFLMAO* That was HILARIOUS!!! She is beautiful though.

And the boy! What big, beautiful, gray eyes!

Great update. Fabulous!

Simaholic said...

Oh, I love them! What great kids. What a great story. I'm so glad that there is some sanity in the Avery family. Although the madness is rather fun too ;o)

Qosmic said...

grey/grey and grey/dark blue is a 50/50 % chance to get either. ;) Chance is very cute still as a kid, and I'm sure his sister will continue to be too. Yeah, I know, I'm always commenting on sim looks, I'm superficial with pixelated people. *lol*