Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 23 - Mitch Sees Red

Mitch didn't ask his wife any questions about what he saw. He wanted to know. He BADLY wanted to ask but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. What he really wanted was for Baila to tell him on her own. So he put off asking just for now.

Mitch and Baila took a visit to the house on Opposite Lane. They both saw the huge potential in the property so they bought it. They did some minor renovations before moving in. The rest could be done later.

Mitch and Baila called up some friends and invited them over for a house warming party. Things didn't turn out exactly as they expected.

You see Mitch took a break from his guest to go and look at the stars. That's when the bright light appeared. He was going to meet the aliens. Although he was excited he was also terrified. He held on to his telescope for as long as possible but eventually he was sucked up and whisked away.

While he was gone the former residence of his new home came for a visit.

Rhapsody Morgan Landry was not happy. She had DIED. Her kids were gone. Now these people have the nerve to live in her house. Well she would just get rid of them. She figures that if she scares them enough they will eventually just go away. Poor soul has no clue who she's dealing with.

Mitch arrives home some hours later. He was sore and tired but otherwise in good condition.

It was a traumatic experience for the guests. The whole town would soon be talking about what had happened to Baila and Mitch. A fear of aliens has swept through Eden Falls. Only a select few find these encounters to be amazing. Mitch and Baila of course were thrilled. Though Mitch couldn't remember much he spent the rest of the evening comparing stories with his wife.

The next morning Mitch was starving. He just couldn't get enough to eat.

Of course none of it would stay down.

The problem continued for some time. Mitch saw a doctor who diagnosed him with food poisoning. Mitch did what the doctor suggested but nothing helped. After a while the nausea stopped but other symptoms started. Mitch had a strange idea. He thought maybe he knew what was wrong with him. He borrowed some sonogram equipment and confirmed his theory.

Mitch was pregnant. There was a tiny little baby growing inside him. He was amazed. Baila was jealous. This hadn't happened to her. Then she became worried. Mitch would be very vulnerable right now. THEY could easily hurt him. It's not that she had given them any reason to but she knew she couldn't trust THEM to keep their word. So Baila started spending more time at home and less time off doing what THEY wanted. She explained her absence to her employers as best she could. She had to be here for Mitch. He would need her now. After the baby was born she would make it up to her employers but for now Mitch was more important.

Mitch was a little nervous about sharing his condition with the guys. As it turns out he had nothing to worry about. Everyone was very supportive of Mitch. Shocked. Worried. Glad it wasn't them. But definitely supportive.

Mitch realized that Baila wasn't going out as much at night. He knew that he was the reason why. He wanted to believe that it was because she had given up that other life but he knew better. The phone still rang at odd hours. She still ran short errands without giving him any idea where she was going. He was worried about her but for now it would have to wait. He had other worries. Things exactly does the baby get out?

In the end, Mitch would never know. He felt the most horrific pain he had ever experienced. He felt like his body was being torn apart. His vision blurred. He saw red.

And the next thing he knew it was over. He was holding a beautiful little green baby. His baby. His baby girl. He had no idea how she got out but there she was. Considering the pain involved, that was enough for him. Maybe there are some things you just shouldn't know.

Mitch named his daughter Cephei. He couldn't wait to show Baila their little girl.

Mitch knew that Baila would find Cephei as beautiful as he did. He knew that she would accept her without hesitation.

Yuck! Suddenly Mitch realizes he has a lot to learn about babies. Maybe Baila will know how to handle them without causing spills.

Mitch cleaned up himself and his daughter. As he watched Cephei eat he realized that he and Baila had to have the talk now. It was no longer just about her lying to him. He could accept that. He could accept her criminal activities. What he couldn't accept was her putting their daughter in danger. That is where he draws the line. Soon...very soon...he and his wife were going to talk. One way or another he would keep Cephei safe.

Note: Baila's abduction happened on night two in their new home on a brand new telescope. Mitch's abduction happened on night one in their new home on a brand new telescope. Coincidence? Probably, but I thought I'd share. Oh and if you were surprised by abduction number two you should have heard me squealing when it happened. I figured I wouldn't see another abduction for a least a generation or two.


Anjel76 said...

Congrats on the abduction. Maybe the first night is the best night. Maybe someone should test the theory. ;O)

And how soon is "soon"? Hehe.

Simaholic said...

Yea! A green baby! I love green babies! She is beautiful too and doesn't seem to have that squashed alien nose either. Congrats on TWO abductions!

aquatami said...

My alien babies never have the alien nose. I do get the big bug eyes sometimes but never the nose. No idea why. I'm not complaining mind you it just seems weird that everyone else complains of alien noses and I can't remember ever having an alien baby born with one.

sarianastar said...

Oh, the baby is SO CUTE! I'm jealous that you never get the missing noses. I have this phenomenon passing down in my Andrews satellite family. Kenneth was an alien produced by abduction. He had a green daughter, Layla, who had no nose. Her son MIke, has no nose, but no green skin. His daughter Nisa has no nose, and no green skin. So yeah, I'm jealous. :) But the baby is so cute. I love how you handled his story.

Qosmic said...

Possibly the cutest alien baby I've ever seen! It's been a long time since it happened in your game, but still: congratulations! ;)

j00ky said...

Yay for Mitch's Cephei!