Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 62 - Fatherhood

Despite the turmoil, and the ugly maternity clothes, Valerie was a happy pregnant lady. She had always wanted to have a baby with Boris. Apparently it was just meant to be. Her relationship with Boris still had a chance. This baby would link them forever.

Eventually Boris did show up. Valerie had a feeling that his brothers may have threatened him. She told him about their baby. She told him that it happened in the changing booth that day. She had hoped he'd look happy about the news. She had hoped that things could be salvaged.

The more she spoke the sicker Boris looked. He looked like he was going to hurl.

And he did. Valerie thought it was cute for half a second. She thought he was having sympathy morning sickness or something. Then she realized that he really hated the idea of being a father. He REALLY was never going to marry her. Her hope for a happy ending died that day. Boris washed his face and walked out the door. He never said a word.

As her due date came closer, Valerie began emailing Boris. She told him it was ok. He didn't have to give her anything. She had never truly understood the depths of his fear. She would never ask him to marry her. She would raise their child alone. If he wanted to see his son he knew where she was. If not, then he knew what house to avoid.

Early one morning while in the shower, Valerie went into labor. Bram rushed in and saw way more of Valerie than ever before. He did his best to help her through the labor and was right there beside her when she gave birth. He then quickly found her some clothes to put on. No need for anyone else to see her that way too.

Valerie gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He has all of his father's coloring.

She named her son Chris. Chris Haggerty is the first potential heir of generation three line two.

Hey there little man. It's uncle Bram. It's nice to finally meet you.

Bram called Boris and told him to get his ass over there. Eventually he showed up. He hadn't seen Valerie since she told him she was pregnant. He had no idea what to say to her. Valerie knew that Boris didn't really want to be there. It hurt but she'd get over it. She took him upstairs and so that he could see his sleeping son. He stayed for only a minute. He bent over the crib and touched the baby's head. Valerie couldn't help but thing that maybe there was hope for him yet.

No one knew if Chris's birth really changed Boris or not. One person it did change was Bram.

Bram lost the business tycoon look. He actually quit his job. He decided to work with Ben and Brand on Aaron's cow plant research. He didn't really care about breeding the cow plant like they did but he liked working with family and the money wasn't anything to complain about. He started talking to Laura about having a baby of their own. He thought it would be great to give Chris a playmate.

Laura saw her doctor. She came off her birth control pills. She and Bram have tried for a few months now to get pregnant. So far they have had no luck.

Valerie was throwing Chris a birthday party. Boris was invited and he actually showed. Bram pulled him aside and told him to get his act together. He had a son. His son needed a father. He was more than willing to help fill that spot. Problem was that he isn't Chris's father. Boris is. He needs to start acting like it.

Bram wasn't sure if he got through to his brother. He went upstairs, slightly pissed at Boris, and watched as Chris became a toddler.

Chris Haggerty - Gemini - 7 neat, 8 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful & 3 nice

After having the same talk with several of his brothers, Boris finally went to spend time with his son. It was weird to think that he had helped make the little guy. Maybe he could be a father. It wouldn't be so bad once he was potty trained and all that.

The rest of the family left him alone with his son. They all prayed that this was a step in the right direction. If not the brothers were planning to get together and beat the shit out of him. Maybe then he'd come to his senses.

The party went on until the early morning hours. Those Avery's love a good party. Eventually Officer Joe dropped by and told them to all go home. The neighbors had complained. Bram couldn't figure out who had complained since all his neighbors were his family and half of them were here anyway. Everyone went home that night hoping that the newest Avery would finally have his father's love.

(This is the first time a cop had dropped by to break up a party since I've gotten university. I somehow thought they'd taken that out or something.)


Catootje73 said...

Those Avery brothers really are a clan, right. Trying to keep their siblings on the right track and everything. I just hope Boris will come to his senses.

Simaholic said...

Yea! The ears got passed down to Chris. I always seem to loose the ears after the second generation. I'm glad you are getting to keep them :o)

Anjel76 said...

HAAA! I loved that "beat the shit out of him" comment. *ROTFL* Yeah, he needs to get his act together. He's a dad now ... and he can't deny it cuz his son has his ears. *shakes head* MEN!

Qosmic said...

He... I second the latest comment. That was very funny. :D