Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 59 - Ghost Stories

The next morning, Corey told Kendal that her time was up. She needed to get out. Kendal was furious with him. She told him that nothing was going to keep her out of Faith's life. Even if she moves out she will still see her. Eventually Faith will get sick of playing house with a nice guy and go back to her bad girl ways.

Corey was not going to let that happen. He was not going to let this woman or anyone else stand it the way of his happiness. He suddenly had an idea. He had read something in the paper. He thought he knew how to get rid of Kendal once and for all.

Kendal had been complaining about the broken garbage disposal for weeks now. Faith kept meaning to call a repair man but she just forgot. So one day, before inviting over a group of friends, Corey 'fixed' the machine. He then got into another argument with Kendal. She brought up the disposal and Corey told her to fix it herself. Much to his delight, that's exactly what she tried to do.

Corey watched as the electricity shot through Kendal's body. There was a big difference between reading about an electrocution in the paper and watching it happen in your own kitchen.

In minutes, Kendal had collapsed on the floor. Luc Wilkie thought the whole thing was hilarious. He laughed the entire time. (which is something I had never seen before) Corey didn't find it humorous. What had he just done?

Faith rushed into the room just as DEATH came for Kendal. She and several of the other party goers were very upset. She hadn't wanted Kendal in her life but she had never wanted her dead.

Faith couldn't stop crying. Corey finally carried her into the bedroom and put her into their bed. He climbed in with her and held her close. He was racked with guilt over what he had done. The more Faith cried the worst he felt. Eventually faith stopped crying. She told him she was sorry. It was just the hormones. Corey could only stare down at her. What was she saying? Faith looked up at him with her big red rimmed eyes and very quietly told him that she was pregnant. They were going to have a baby. Corey couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was going to be a dad. He didn't deserve this, not after what he had done. He held Faith close to his heart until she fell asleep.

While everyone else mourned, Corey sat in confused silence. He was a murderer. He was going to be a father. How could he ever justify what he did? How could he be so upset when he was just protecting his family?

That same night, the ghosts of Faith's biological parents began roaming the house. Maybe it was DEATH's presence that awoke them after their many years of slumber.

Both mother and father roamed the second floor. They were both extremely angry.

So maybe it was a mistake for Corey to move Kendal's ashes upstairs. Luc Wilkie just had to laugh at Kendal one more time before he left. Both ghosts attacked Luc. He did not survive.
Corey heard Luc scream and rushed upstairs. He thought everyone had already gone home. When he saw DEATH he knew he had to do something. He could not be responsible for another death tonight.

Although Corey and Luc were not close (14/14 relationship), Corey pleaded with DEATH to spare Luc. Of course DEATH agreed...for a price. Corey agreed to risk his own life to save Luc. He wasn't entirely sure that he deserved to live anyway. DEATH placed Luc's soul in one of his hands and asked Corey to choose. Corey started to choose and then stopped. He suddenly chose the other hand. DEATH opened his hand to reveal Luc's soul. Corey had won. (Shocked me that's for sure.)

Luc tried to thank Corey for what he had done. That's ok dude. I just didn't want another ghost haunting the place that's all. Now if you could leave before you get yourself killed again, I'd really appreciate it.

After Luc left, Corey took a minute to mourn Kendal. He was sorry for what he had done but he couldn't change it. He just had to go on from here.

Soon after Kendal's death, Faith did two things. First, she hired a professional to fix the garbage disposal. Turns out the when Corey 'fixes' something he does a real good job.

The old lady started acting weird but hopefully there was no permanent damage.

The second thing Faith did was hire a contractor to build a spot for her biological parents and Kendal to rest peacefully. She had heard her about Luc. She didn't want something like that to happen to Corey. The ashes were buried outside where hopefully the ghosts won't do any further damage.


Simaholic said...

OMG! Corey is a devious fellow. I didn't see that coming. Although, I can't help but feel that maybe Kendal got what she deserved.

Anjel76 said...

Poor Corey. There are ways to protect your family, but killing someone is NEVER the way. He's gonna have to ressurect her if he doesn't want to guilt to kill him.

Qosmic said...

Poor Kendal... Who doesn't do stupid things when you're in love? Corey should've trusted fate instead of taking the matter into his own hands.