Saturday, July 02, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 17 - Blake's Graduation

Blake arrived at the greek house in the middle of the night. He threw his bags in the corner. He simply told Baila that he was staying here until graduation. Balia didn't question him. She recognized the look in Blake's eyes. She had seen it often in the eyes of her father. Something really bad had happened and Blake wasn't handling it very well.

The next morning Baila found Blake cleaning the kitchen. From the looks of things he's been busy cleaning for a while. The house hasn't looked this good in ages. She couldn't even see the normal layer of dust on the bookshelves.

When Blake headed towards the bathroom, Baila headed towards the phone. She called Binah. Binah told her sister what she knew which wasn't that much. It was however enough for Baila to know that Blake's heart was broken.

Baila told Ben what she knew. Ben began trying to find a solution. Blake was obviously in love with Jan. He had asked her to marry him. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. Maybe if they just got them together they could work it all out. If nothing else maybe Blake could find closure. Without it he would never be able to move on with his life.

That night the greek house held and end of term party. They had hoped to use the opportunity to get Blake and Jan in the same room. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Ben asked Blake if he wanted to invite anyone to the party. Blake shot him a look that said NO! and then walked out of the room. He was barely seen at the party. He disappeared alone into one of the bedrooms and wasn't seen again.

Ben's old high school girlfriend Rebecca was there. So was Baila's old high school boyfriend Quinton. The two seemed to be getting along quite well.

By the next morning a new plan had been formed. Ben and Baila talked Blake into letting them throw him a graduation party. Blake had finished his last finals the day before. He was leaving La Fiesta Tech with perfect grades and a degree in math.

Blake didn't really want a party. He just wanted to be left alone. In the end he agreed because he knew his father would expect it. Aaron loved to celebrate the accomplishments of his kids. Seeing his first child graduate would be important to him. Blake loved his dad so they would have a party. He would smile and act happy until after his taxi pulled away.

Blake dressed up and tried to put on a happy face. He was finally leaving college. It was over. All those long hours and heavy class loads for nothing. He graduates early and heads back to Eden Falls alone. It was one of the most depressing days of his life.

Mom and Dad were there. Tracy insisted on dressing up in her old mascot costume for nostalgia sake. Aaron though it was silly for someone her age but he just humored her. Most of the family was invited. The kids were in school but the teens were able to attend.

Someone else showed up that Blake didn't invite. Jan Baity arrived at the party. There was an awkward silence upon her arrival. Everyone vacated the house and headed outside to enjoy the festivities leaving the two alone to talk.

Jan confirmed that Ben had told her about the party just in case she wanted to drop by. She definitely wanted to. She didn't like the way things ended. When she went to explain things to Blake she found his room gone. Within a few days there was someone else sleeping in their bed.

Blake was surprised to see her. She was so beautiful. He loved her so much. He wanted to turn back the clock. He wanted to make it all just a bad dream. He wanted so much to just forget...but he didn't know how.

Jan suggested a first step. Why couldn't they just go somewhere quiet and talk. So Blake took her upstairs where they could have more privacy.

It started with talking but before he knew what happened it became so much more. He had missed this. He had missed her. He needed her so much. Somewhere in his mind Blake turned a key and locked out all the bad memories. All that mattered was here and now. All that mattered was him and Jan. With no thoughts of the past or the future, Blake took Jan in his arms. Their passion was renewed as the guest entertained themselves outside.

Afterwards when Blake looked into Jan's eyes he saw a woman who loved him. He saw a possible future filled with marriage and kids. He held on to that as tightly as he could. He would use this vision to shield him from the pictures that had been haunting his mind. He could still have his dream. He could still make it all work. All he had to do is remember the good and forget the bad. Simple really.

It was later as she slept that Blake had doubts. He could still see that woman's hand on her hip. He could still see the thrill in her eyes as the mascot flirted with her. Deep inside he knew that he should walk away from Jan. He knew that even though he could forgive her he would never be able to forget. What he didn't know was if he was strong enough to walk away. She was the one. She was his first love. She was his only love. She was his.

After composing himself, Blake came downstairs to visit with his guest. He found the site of Tracy in her costume very disturbing. He didn't tell her that though. Tracy was just trying to be supportive. She had no way of knowing.

As the party was winding down, Blake changed into his new suit. He took his bags and headed to the taxi waiting outside. Before he left the house, Jan put her arms around him. She kissed him and told him she's see him soon. Blake tried not to thing about it. He tried not to think about anything. He put his bags in the taxi and drove away. He was headed to his new life. He had purchased a lot near his parents home. He had planned to build a house for Jan. He would still build his house. The rest would be worked out eventually.


Simaholic said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Blake will ever be able to tame Jan. I have a feeling Blake is going to get his heart broken on more than one occasion by her.

Anjel76 said...

I don't want him to tame Jan. I want her to tame herself. If she really and truly loves him ... she'll change her romantic ways.

If not ... I have a cowplant with her name on it. I don't want Blake to get hurt ... but I have a feeling he WILL be hurt ... and it may be the final straw.

j00ky said...

ahh.. I'm speechless, shoud we be feeling happy or sad for Blake now?