Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 58 - Faith's Roommates

Faith Avery arrived home from work one day to find Kendal Lawson waiting for her. She hadn't even told Kendal that she had moved. She had no idea how she found out. Kendal quickly tried to kiss her and was a little upset when she didn't get the welcome she thought she deserved. Kendal had recently graduated from college. She packed her bags and headed off to Eden Falls to be with Faith. She loved Faith. Not the way she had loved Jan but she loved her all the same. She wanted them to be a couple. She wasn't happy to find that Faith didn't feel the same way.

The two got into a rather heated argument. Faith told her that she couldn't just show up on her doorsteps after months apart and expect them to pick up where they had left off. She told Kendal that whatever they might have had was over. She was with someone else now.

Kendal was livid. Yet another woman is blowing her off. She deserved better than this. She had planned on a future with Faith. She had no family. She had no where else to go.

Faith felt sorry for Kendal. She had known that she was on the rebound when they were together. She had known that Kendal was reading way more into it than there really was. She knew that Kendal had no place else to go. Faith agreed to let Kendal stay with her for a little while. There was a twin bed upstairs. She could sleep there until she found a job and somewhere else to stay.

Kendal Lawson: ya townie: romance: Taurus: 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 3 active, 8 playful & 4 nice

Since Bede's wedding, Faith had been kind of dating Corey Byall. They have gone out. They've had fun. They haven't slept together. It was a very different experience for Faith.

Now that Kendal was staying with her, Faith worried that Corey would find out about her past. He's probably heard the whispers but she doesn't want him to have a play by play. She pulled Kendal aside and told her to keep quiet about their past. She just didn't know if she could trust that Kendal would.

One day when Corey came over he did something that Faith never expected. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

She had no idea what to say. The world was suddenly spinning.

Faith grabbed Corey around the neck. She never actually managed to say anything. She just held on to him while the dizziness passed. She couldn't believe this was happening. Yes things had been going well lately but she didn't expect it to last. She had absolutely no doubts that she would one day break Corey's heart.

Corey took Faith's reaction as a yes. He told her that they could have a long engagement if she wanted. They could take things slow. He did, however, want to move in. He wanted to be with the woman he loved.

Faith put her fears aside. She told Corey that she would love for him to move in. They could be happy at least for a while. She would just have to enjoy it all while it lasted.

That night after a quick trip home for some things, Corey moved in. He and Faith celebrated their engagement. It had been a very long time since Faith had been with anyone. That made this night very special indeed.

Corey Byall - townie - popularity - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful & 4 nice

Kendal wasn't at all happy when she heard the news. Faith was engaged. It would never last. She for one would see to it that it didn't. If she couldn't have Faith then why should anyone else have her either?

When Faith left the room, Kendal came right out and told Corey that he wasn't the first person Faith had kissed and he wouldn't be the last. Kendal implied that she was among Faith's many lovers but she never came right out and said it. She had after all promised Faith that she wouldn't.

Corey tried not to let what Kendal said get to him. He knew he wasn't her first. He knew that there were others. Unfortunately the words did get to him. He suddenly knew that Kendal was one of the past lovers. He also knew that Kendal wanted her back. Well that wasn't going to happen. He loved Faith and NO ONE was going to break up what they have.

Later that night, Corey set Kendal straight. I'm marrying Faith. She loves me. YOU need to leave.

Kendal wasn't going to give in that easily. She began forming a plan to win Faith back. All she needed to do is make Faith remember what they once had. All she needed to do was make her act like her old self again. Drop the goody two shoes act and be the romantic girl Kendal had known in college.

Faith didn't know anything about the plots that were going on all around her. She had her own concerns. She was pregnant. She just knew she was. She was late. She was tired. She was nauseous. She bought a home pregnancy test on her way home from work. In just a few minutes she would know for sure.

Faith's hands were shaking as she stared down at the test. Positive. She was definitely pregnant. Corey would want to get married. She couldn't marry him. She couldn't do that to him. He needed to know the truth. Then he wouldn't even want to marry her anymore.

Faith sat down on the couch beside Corey. She trying to find the words when Corey told her that he knew about her and Kendal. He needed to know that Kendal was in her past. He needed to know that he was her future.

Faith burst into tears. She begin telling Corey things that he probably didn't want to hear. She never named names but she did tell him that she had slept with a lot of people in her life. The first time she was dating him, she was also dating a few other guys. With every word the sobs got louder. He was going to hate her. He was going to leave her and never look back.

Corey didn't leave. He just asked her if there was anyone else now. He could deal with the other people as long as they were the past and he was the future.

Faith finally stopped crying long enough to tell him that she hadn't been with anyone else since they started seeing each other again. Corey took her in his arms and held her while she cried.

He then kissed the tears away. He was not letting go of his dream. He loved Faith. They could make a their relationship work. They just had to want it bad enough.

Faith didn't tell Corey she was pregnant yet. She just couldn't. She would tell him later. Right now she just wanted him to hold her.


Catootje73 said...

Aw, Corey is a sweet guy. I hope things will remain good with him and Faith.

Simaholic said...

What a good man Faith has found in Corey. Maybe Faith can put aside her flirtatous ways and settle down with him. Sometimes babies change things for sims. Sometimes not ;o)

Anjel76 said...

I hope Corey doesn't get his heart broken. It's nice that Faith is being honest with herself, believing that she probably will break his heart. And it's not helpful that her ex-girlfriend is there. That chick needs to hit the pavement. Wow ... drama in the Avery clan. Who-da-thunkit? ;O)

Qosmic said...

Faith and Corey...? Yeah, why not? Maybe he can help her find what she's missing, whatever that may be. Or at least keep her company on the way.