Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 35 - Binah's New Beginning

Life at the greek house was pretty good....for everyone but Bram. You see Bram felt like they were all ganging up on him. It's like the girls had set down and lined up partners for everyone. Apparently he was to be with Laura. Only no body asked him how he felt about this. They simply expected him to fall into line. Well he wouldn't. They couldn't make him. This was HIS greek house. HE was in charge. HE would be with whomever he wanted. Right now he didn't want to be with anyone. Why couldn't they just accept that and leave him alone?

Bram did want to continue the family tradition. Every Avery had joined the greek house. Now it was time for him to join up William and Aiden. Aiden pledged quickly. Just as quickly one of the girls set him to work on their term paper.

William pledged just as quickly. Maybe it was his good looks and charm but no one made him do any sort of work. He got away with just hanging around and goofing off.

Aiden was happy to join the greek house. With William still ignoring him, it was good to be around his other siblings. He needed to talk to someone about that night. He needed advice and who better than family. Aiden first thought to talk to Bram. He seemed pretty level headed. But Bram apparently had his own demons to exercise so Aiden left him be.

The twins were there. Bianca had changed her hair again to try to separate herself from her sister. Bianca seems to have issues with her sister. She thinks that Brooke is after every guy on campus, especially the ones she wants. Her siblings don't see it. They've never seen Brooke go after any guy on campus. But Bianca lacks self confidence. She sees everything as a conspiracy and Brooke is to blame. Brooke just keeps withdrawing further and further from the entire family. Although she does show up at family functions, she hardly talks to anyone and leaves as quickly as possible. No the twins were not the ones to talk to if you have a problem. They had their own problems to work out.

Boris, well he was always to busy. He had hot cheerleader on the brain. No one blamed him or anything but maybe he could come up for air every now and then.

Laura, well she wants Bram. Bram is playing hard to get. I guess she figures that if she's thinner he'll want her. Women can be really clueless sometimes.

Ben was around. Aiden considered talking to him for advice. He was the obvious choice after all. But Ben was never alone and Aiden didn't really want to air this out to any more people than absolutely necessary. In the end he just left Ben to hussling the freshmen out of their cash.

No one had any idea where Brand was. Probably off with Trista. Trista is a nice girl but she is seriously hormonal. Brand must be a hell of a man to keep up with her. (For a knowledge sim she sure rolls up the want to woohoo in the bed ALL the time.)

So in the end Aiden found himself alone with Binah. He didn't really know her well. They are family but she moved out a long time ago so they aren't close. Still he found himself confiding in her anyway. He told her what he knew happened and what he was told happened. He asked her what what should do. He didn't really consider her advice very helpful. She said just to give William time and space. Was he not already doing that? He hasn't talked to his brother for almost a year now. They use to do everything together. They use to be so close. Now...Aiden is completely on his own. His closest friend is his professor. How sad is that. She is pretty though and smart. He would have talked to her but he was embarrassed to admit how immature he was. After all, it was pretty stupid of him to drink all that punch.

William was lost. He had no idea how to fix things. He had been angry for a long time. He was hurt. He hadn't even dated at all this semester. That was very unlike him. The problem wasn't so much that Meredith cheated on him as it was that she cheated on him with his brother. If it was anyone else he could have handled it. Seeing her with Aiden just hurt. Then she was just gone. The said she dropped out of school. He couldn't help but blame himself. He couldn't apologize because he didn't know where she was. She had been a good friend and he messed it up by sleeping with her. Then he pushed Aiden away. It wasn't Aiden's fault. Ok maybe he had used poor judgment when it came to the punch but William had to admit that he would have done the same thing. He knew he should make up with his brother. He wanted to but he just wasn't sure how. After being an ass for so long how will Aiden ever forgive him?

Binah was finally ready to graduate. She hadn't wanted a party but her brothers insisted she have one. They said that Aaron would expect it.

Well it wasn't her father that Binah wanted to see at the party. No that would be Weldon. She and Weldon had kissed and made out this last year but they had never gone any further. Tonight was the night. She wasn't leaving here without having first been with Weldon.

Binah managed to lure him into one of the rooms pretty easily but he seemed more than content to just talk all night. Finally she just had to come right out and ask him, "Are you ever going to kiss me?"

Weldon did more than kiss her that night. He feared that he would lose her after graduation. Her family expected her to move back to Eden Falls. His family expected him to stay here in the desert and take over the family business. Just for tonight Weldon didn't want to think about the future. He just wanted to be with the woman whom he had fallen in love with. He just wanted to be with Binah.

Eventually the party wound down and Binah emerged from bedroom. She watched Weldon leave through the side door. She then said goodbye to her family and headed for her taxi. She had told Weldon where she would be staying. She hoped that maybe he'd stop by or call. He didn't give her any promises. He said that he couldn't.

So Binah moved into a little starter home. It wasn't much but it was pretty reasonable. She had considered moving in with another family member but at the last moment she changed her mind. She wanted to be on her own for a while. She wanted to get her feet under her.

(You know I've had this game since it came out and this is the first time I've ever seen a sim wash the windows.)

Binah was very surprised to see Weldon walking towards her. After a lusty greeting, Binah told Weldon how glad she was that he was visiting. Weldon told her that he would like to do more than visit. He admitted his feelings for her. Although he was being pressured to take up the family business, Weldon would rather be here with her....if she was ok with that. Well Binah was more than ok with that. She took his bags and showed him in.

Weldon Miller - ya townie - Knowledge - Pisces - 5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful & 7 nice; lifetime want - criminal mastermind

The first thing Weldon did (after changing his hair) was set the place on fire. It was a momentous first night for the young couple.

Of course Binah forgave him. She even did her best to cheer him up. He was taking the whole almost burnt down the house thing way to seriously. That's why we own a smoke detector silly.

Aaron came by to check on his daughter. He was not happy to find her living with some guy. He expected antics like this with the boys at the greek house but now with his daughter. She was always such a good girl. What was she thinking?

Binah told her father that she was living with the man she loved. No they weren't married. They hadn't even talked about marriage. She loved him though and she hoped that Aaron could accept that.

After hearing the news Ben stopped by to check on the situation. He wanted to know exactly what Weldon's intentions were. He would not have some playboy use his baby sister and then walk away. It took a lot of talking to convince Ben that his intentions were honorable. No he and Binah hadn't talked about marriage but that didn't mean he hadn't thought about it.

Actually Weldon had thought about it a lot. Before he couldn't risk being with Binah. Now that he had decided to break away from the family business, he thought that he could safely have forever with Binah. So one day when they went shopping Weldon pulled a velvet box out of his pocket.

He didn't say a word. He simply opened the box. The ring should say it all.

As Binah held the ring out to admire it Weldon said two little words....Will you? It was hard for her to believe that so much could be wrapped up in two little words. She answered quite simply, Yes. Although he isn't one to show public affection, he wrapped Binah in his arms and kissed her. She had made him the happiest man alive.

The original purpose for the trip was a new outfit for Weldon. While he was trying it on Binah got a naughty idea. Why not celebrate her new engagement. She wasn't sure that she should but in the end she decided to go for it.

It was remarkable. Maybe it was the booth, maybe the ring, maybe just the love in her heart....whatever it was, it made it magical.

Weldon was a little embarrassed that someone might have seen. He stayed in the changing booth for just a while longer before emerging to look at his reflection. He would make a handsome groom. He couldn't wait to get married. He should start planning now. These things can take months to arrange.

Not long after her shopping trip, Binah begins to suspect that Weldon may have given her a little more than an engagement ring that day.


Simaholic said...

A much happier post with Binah! I'm so happy she got her Weldon. They are cute. More little Averys running around is great.

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Such a sweet chapter. Binah and Weldon ARE cute together. I can't wait to see their baby. :)

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*wiggles eyebrows* Kinky! ;O) They are VERY cute together.

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ahh Boris is a total babe! I'm changing my mind about Ben, Boris is hottest g2 Avery child :D Good on Binah finally growing up to be a responsible lady! ;)