Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 50 - More Binah & Weldon

When Weldon finally got a free night, he tried to make it up to his wife for not being there when she needed him. He loved her more than anything. He wanted her to be happy.

A few weeks later, Binah starts to think that she might be pregnant again. She couldn't be, could she? Binah wasn't ready for another baby yet. She was working hard to earn extra money. She wanted to be a successful career woman. That has always been her dream. She loves her daughter but does she have time for two children right now?

Nanny Kelly has become a permanent fixture in the household. She watches Calandra while Binah works. She loves the little girl so much that she had a little birthday celebration for her. Of course mommy and daddy had their own private party later.

Calandra Miller - Sagittarius - 1 neat, 3 outgoing, 10 active, 10 playful & 7 nice

Binah spent time with Calandra when she got home from work. She had gone by the doctor and it was official. She was having another baby. She would have to tell Weldon. She hoped he would be happier about it than she was.

Really there was a lot she needed to talk to Weldon about. This house was to small for one thing. They didn't even have room for a kitchen table. Did she want to raise two kids and have them eat every meal from the couch? No. They would need to move. They would need to find someplace with a big yard. Calandra would like that.

Weldon agreed that they needed a bigger place. He set out to find just the perfect house for his family. He and Binah agreed to wait and move after the second baby was born. Before either of them were really ready, their second child decided it was time to make his appearance.

Yes, Binah gave birth to a baby boy. Weldon was once again off working. By now he was doing some pretty dangerous stuff. He just wasn't telling his wife about it.

Binah and Weldon had agreed that if they had a son they would name him Reuben after Weldon's father. Welcome to the world Reuben Miller.

Shortly after Reuben's birth, Weldon found the perfect house. He told Binah to start packing. They were moving in right away.

Calandra likes the new house. It was much bigger than the old one. The nursery had lots of room for her to run and play and a big yard for when she got older.

Which didn't take long. It's funny how fast time flies. Soon Calandra will be starting school. Weldon and Binah both want their daughter to go to private school. Soon they will have to smooze the headmaster.

But first, Binah begins teaching her daughter the importance of being neat. (Yeah for encouraging. A true pain but she does have five neat points now.)

Weldon spends his free time gazing at the stars. He's become a smuggler now. He's found that he's very good at what he does. It's not what he had planned to do with his life. He knows that he promised Binah he'd quit. Now he doesn't know if he wants to. Maybe he was just meant to be a criminal. His job did buy this big house. It has provided for the state of the art security system to keep his family safe. Once he becomes a criminal mastermind he will actually be placed in charge fo the family business. No one would threaten him then. No one would dare threaten him or his family. Maybe the safest thing for his family is for him to keep the job that he's actually starting to love.


Anjel76 said...

That life of crime really reels you in, doesn't it? ;O)

PRMami said...

The little girl sure looks cute and how long does it take for encouragement becaus it seems not to work for me .

aquatami said...

It takes about four encouragements to get one neat point. I went from one to five so it took quite a while. It works faster with grandparents and children if they have a good relationship. The greater the age difference the better it works so it takes less time.

sarianastar said...

Calandra is sure a lovely little girl. Can't wait to see her as a teen.

Qosmic said...

Calandra is so sweet! And who said crime doesn't pay? Maybe Weldon can make it work somehow...