Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 33 - William Seeks Freedom

Things had changed at the Avery Manor and William for one didn't think it was for the best. Suddenly it was like he had not one but two sets of parents. Aaron and Tracy were getting old. They didn't notice everything he did. Like for instance, there was that time that he kissed Meredith Lillard right behind Tracy's back. She never even noticed.

But he did feel like someone was watching him. Turns out it was Ben. Yes Ben and Katy noticed EVERYTHING he did. They kept reminding him to study. Don't forget to do your homework. No you can't go out that late at night. Heck he couldn't even sneak out anymore without Ben catching him. His freedom was suddenly gone and he didn't like it one bit.

So William decided that he was ready for college. No he didn't have tons of scholarships. His grades were descent but not perfect. He did however manage to get into La Fiesta Tech. Once he had his acceptance letter in his hands, William decided to head for college. No more following anyone else's rules. Now he would be his own man and make his own way.

Aaron was sad to see him go. That one still had a lot of growing up to do. Aaron would not however try to force his son to stay. Sometimes it better to let them learn things the hard way. At least Aiden would still be there. At least with Aiden he would have a chance to make a difference.

Well, not really. Aiden had always tagged right behind William. It's not that he was shy or anything but William was just a born leader. That made Aiden the follower. Not wanting to be left behind, Aiden quickly packed his bags and headed out into the world leaving Tracy and Aaron with no babies left at home.

When William arrived he was placed in a dorm with only one other Avery, Aiden. He really liked that. No older siblings trying to tell him what to do. William was in school for one reason, to have fun. Yes he planned on learning things. Lots of things. It's just not the sort of things you get out of books.

Aiden was excited about college. He had never had much of a life in high school. Aric's death had really messed him up for a while there. He never dated or anything like that. Now he hoped that he would be able to catch up on everything he missed. He did want to learn though. He wanted to go into politics someday. Yes, he figured he would find plenty of time to have fun but he also wanted to keep up his grades and hopefully make his father proud.

What neither of the Avery boys was expecting was that Meredith would move into their dorm. Yes Meredith had followed William to college. She loves him. At least she thinks she does. She knows that he must care about her to. They did share a lot of kisses in high school. They made out and sneaked out and had a blast together. She really wants to pick up where they left off and carry things to the next level.

Meredith Lillard - teen townie - popularity - Leo - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful & 3 nice: lifetime want - 20 best friends

William was a little shocked to see Meredith. He never actually expected to see her again. Yeah, they had fun in high school. That was then. This is now. He didn't want to make out behind old man Kroger's garage anymore. He wanted much more than that. He didn't, however, want it from Meredith. He had always considered her a friend. Yeah, he made out with her but it's not like he felt anything other than friendship towards her. Well not really.

Aiden greets his parents when they came to check up on their boys. He is always amazed at how affectionate they are after all these years. He hopes that he can find a love like theirs someday.

Meredith knows what she wants and what she wants is William. She waits patiently for his arrival. He seems pretty shocked to see her on his bed. Maybe she wasn't sending off strong enough signals. She'll just have to take care of that.

William never intended to start anything with Meredith. They are roomies. Things could get awkward. But when a girl is offering you what she's offering him...well you just don't say no. Besides, she was his first kiss. Why shouldn't she get the pleasure of being his first woohoo?

Over the next few weeks, William and Meredith have all kinds of fun in all kinds of places. William is amazed at the things he manages to talk her in to doing. He never realized she was so outgoing.

Midterms have arrived. Everything is in full swing. Aiden has been doing his best to keep perfect grades. He invites over his economics teacher, Prof. Caryl Zarubin, for advice on keeping his grades up. Caryl doesn't give him much at first. She's worked here a few years and she knows the preferred method for most guys when it comes to keeping up there grades. Well she just isn't into that. At least not with a freshman. Eventually Aiden does wear her down though. Soon the two are laughing and having a good time. He never makes a pass at her. She finds that refreshing. Maybe he is just a good kid who wants to learn.

Well William never wanted to learn, at least not what the professors where teaching. Not until he met his drama teacher. Now he is really interested in learning what she wants to teach him. Besides, he could use the help with his grades.

Yes she's kind of old and he can't remember her name but if she's willing to teach him new things well he's all for it. Someone of her maturity can probably teach him all sorts of things.

Meredith was just going to talk to William when she stopped dead in her tracks. She heard all to familiar sounds coming from Williams room. She knew what was happening behind that door. She knew what he was doing but not who he was doing it with. How could he? How could he cheat on her?

Meredith didn't barge in and make a scene (because William locked the door). No she sat around thinking. The more she thought the madder she got. She wanted to hurt William. She wanted to make him suffer. She wanted to let him know exactly how she feels. She spent most of the afternoon coming up with a plan to make William pay for what he had done.


Simaholic said...

Oh geez, it sounds like Meredith was the wrong person for William to have cheated on. Yikes!

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Everyone has crazy sims in their families. Am I the only stable sim legacy out there? Oh sure ... my sims have two different father's, but what does that matter? ;O)) *LOL*

Great update.

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oooooo Meredith is a bunny boiler! Great update!

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William is such a cutie but what the heck is he doing with the Prof?!