Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 24 - Yvette's Dilemma

Time flies when you're having fun and Yvette has definitely been having fun. She never expected motherhood to be so fulfilling. Where before she saw dirty diapers and midnight feedings, now she sees a little bundle of love. Although she does stay exhausted, she loves taking care of her baby boy.

But now her little boy is growing up. Leo is now a toddler. He's a Virgo with 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 2 active, 3 playful & 7 nice. Irfan was a little upset that he didn't get to bring his son to the cake. Yvette just promised to make it up to him later.

Which of course she did. Yvette had worried about the sizzle leaving her marriage. Well that hasn't happened. Even with the struggles of taking care of a toddler, Yvette and Irfan manage to find plenty of alone time. It does help that they have Aiyana to help with the child care. Yvette has come to realize that Aiyana will never find a job outside their home and she will never leave their home unless they toss her out. She's actually surprised that she didn't realize Aiyana's true intentions sooner. After a talk with Irfan it was decided that Aiyana could stay. She was helping around the house. She wasn't getting into to much trouble. Just so long as she keeps her romantic antics out of the view of their son, she can stay.

Yvette loves to watch her son play. She loves to listen to him try to talk. Maybe that's why Yvette gave up her dream job in athletics. She just wanted to be home with her son. Of course eventually she'll go back to work. Maybe something in politics or maybe show business would be fun. She'll make that decision after Leo starts school. The couple isn't hurting for money right now. Irfan has become a professional party guest. He just got a big bonus at work. Also, let's not forget he still teaches on the side.

Hanging around the house all day has given Yvette plenty of time to get domestic. She's even taken up gardening which she NEVER envisioned happening. On the down side, it's given her the opportunity to see what's really going on in her house.

Yvette knew that Irfan wouldn't be faithful but she found herself a little upset when she realized he was already playing the field. Oh, she had never caught him at it. No he was very good her husband. Yvette could just tell. It was in his eyes, his step and his actions. Whenever he had just flirted with someone new, Irfan walked in the door with this funny little swagger. Yvette was sure he didn't realize that he was even doing it but he did.

Once he had gotten beyond simply flirting suddenly his eyes changed. There was a strange hurt there that spoke volumes to Yvette. In her heart she knew that he didn't love any of these girls. They were just something he did. They didn't mean anything which apparently bothered him.

Once Irfan had gone all the way with his latest girl, he would act extremely guilty. Oh he tried to hide it but Yvette could tell. He would spend more time with Leo. He couldn't quite look her in the eyes. Sometimes she wished that he'd just stop but she knew he wouldn't. Not for a while anyway.

The first time Yvette realized that Irfan had cheated on her she became bound and determined to cheat right back. She invited an old lover from college on an outing. When she tried to get him to have a little fun in the changing booth he refused. He said he didn't do that with married women. Yvette was shocked by this. She had never been turned down. She was then relieved. She hadn't really wanted to be with him anyway. Something has changed in her. It's a change that hasn't quite finished in Irfan. One day though she knows that he will reach the place where she is now. In her mind, sex should mean something. It doesn't have to be with your soulmate but it should at least mean something.

Leo is now old enough to start school. Mom & Dad had a little talk with Aiyana about wearing bathing suits when Leo is home and maybe only having guests over while he's at school. Now that Leo is going back to school, Yvette planning on going back to work. She just needs to find a job that interests her.

Until that job comes along Yvette has been catching up with old friends. She sees Aaron often and she also sees his kids. She has struck up a friendship with Blake. She really likes Blake. He's a good guy. A little straight laced mind you but still a good guy.

Whenever he's around they talk about family and jobs. He keeps her informed on what's happening in his family. That update alone could take hours. He's always very sweet and friendly. He never flirts although she can tell that he finds her attractive. He's a devoted family man. She admires that in him. Unfortunately it's that devotion that is going to break his heart.

There are things going on that Blake doesn't know about. His wife Jan has been spending a lot of time around the house lately. At first Yvette didn't like it at all. She thought that Jan might be after Irfan. Eventually she realized that she had nothing to worry about. It's Blake that has the problems.

He would be as shocked as Sheldon here if he only knew what was happening when he was away at work.

Yvette had long ago realized that she had nothing to fear from Aiyana. Aiyana could be with men but she definitely preferred women. Her latest woman...Blake's wife. Yvette is torn. She knows that it's really none of her business what Jan does. But Blake has a right to know. If she knows what Jan is up to she should tell him... right? Yvette has never found herself on this side of the fence. Usually she's the one trying not to get caught. She's never been the one trying to decide whether or not she should speak up. She knows that if she says something it would in effect break up a marriage. In her mind the marriage is already doomed. No one can keep secretes forever. Blake will not understand what his wife is up to. He won't be able to accept it. He'll never be able to live with it. This will shatter him into a million pieces.


Anjel76 said...

I knew he shouldn't have ended up with that Jan woman! She's going to break his heart ... and it's probably going to kill him ... isn't it?

I'm glad that Yvette is so understanding of Irfan's nature. :O) It's kinda sweet. Hehe.

Simaholic said...

GAH! I knew Jan was bad news. Yvette should sooo tell Blake. He is still young that he could find another wife to make him happy.

sarianastar said...

Leo and Aiden sure look a lot alike, though they aren't related, are they?

And I KNEW Jan was up to no good! She's going to break poor Blake's heart. *muttermutter*

aquatami said...

No, Leo and Aiden are not related. Now that you mention it, they do favor though.

j00ky said...

ewww! Aiyana and Jan?!