Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 25 - Blake & Jan

Jan's life wasn't turning out exactly as she planned. Her husband wasn't wealthy like she thought. Their home wasn't grand like she'd hoped it would be. And their very beautiful daughter wasn't enough to keep Blake satisfied. He was already asking for a son. Well Jan didn't want to give him one. Once through that was more than enough. But Jan had a plan. Blake's family had been adopting the orphans from that horrific house fire. They had adopted all but one baby girl. Jan managed to convince her husband that THEY should adopt the baby. His parents weren't getting any younger. Did they really want to raise another infant? If they adopted the little girl she would still be with her siblings. She would still be family. Blake thought it was a wonderful idea. He loved Jan for thinking of it. He quickly talked to his parents. After getting their ok he called social services. Their new daughter would arrive soon.
Blake carried his wonderful wife into their bedroom to celebrate. Things had been going so well. He saw no signs that Jan was anything other than a devoted wife and mother. He couldn't wait to make her a mother yet again. Yes he would happily adopt the little girl but he still wanted a son. He still wanted many more children with his wife.

Blake does love fatherhood. Cassia is now a toddler. She is a Virgo with 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 5 active, 4 playful & 9 nice. Aaron visits often to play with his only grandchild.

Blake spends his off days teaching Cassia. Soon he would have another child to raise. He couldn't wait.

Ben and Mitch stopped by the next day. Mitch told them all about his daughter Cephei. Blake told them about the new baby that would arrive later that day. Both Blake and Mitch told Ben he needs to finally marry Katy and have some kids of his own.

Ben wasn't to sure about the idea until he held Blake's newest daughter. Maybe it was time he graduated. He loved Katy. He should marry her. He wondered if she'd say yes when he asked.

After the guys left, Blake got to know his newest daughter. Her parents had named her Hope. He thought it was a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

Jan is suddenly worried. She hasn't been feeling well. She thought maybe it was the flu but now she thinks maybe not. She couldn't be pregnant could she? She didn't want to have another baby. She had been using protection. She didn't tell Blake this but there are a lot of things she doesn't tell Blake. Why? Why did this have to happen?

Of course Blake was thrilled. He wouldn't be satisfied until the entire house was filled with babies. He wanted a loving home like his parents have. This baby is just another step in that direction.

Where Blake was thrilled, Jan was not. She was miserable. She felt fat and ugly. Wanting to feel beautiful again she called up her 'friend' Aiyana. After a satisfactory among of flirting and flattery, Jan talked Aiyana into fixing the garbage disposal. Blake would apparently never get around to it.

Aiyana got a little more than she bargained for.

It was a very shocking experience. She would have been more upset but she knew that Jan would take good care of her. Jan did take very good care of Aiyana. Then she rushed her out of the house before Blake got home.

Money was tight with so many mouths to feed. Jan was very embarrassed when the repoman showed up and took her mirror. The shame. Why did she have to live like this? Why couldn't Blake manage to earn more money? Why couldn't he just ask his parents for the cash?

The bigger Jan got the more miserable she became. Blake was oblivious. He was to busy. He was working hard at work and at home. He was almost completely raising his daughters on his own.

Jan was sleeping when Hope celebrated her birthday.

Hope Bui Avery - Libra - 4 neat, 9 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 6 nice

Yes the girls were a handful. Blake did his best to take care of them while Jan rested. He loved his daughters. He couldn't wait until the new baby arrived.

Jan went into labor the next day. She HATED this part.

She gave birth to a beautiful son with his father's blond hair and grey eyes.

She presented Blake with his son. Now he would be happy. Now he would be satisfied. Now their family was complete (at least in her mind).

Blake was thrilled. He had a son to carry on the Avery name. He couldn't wait to call his father and tell him the news. He couldn't wait to see his father's eyes light up when he handed him his first grandson Clay Avery.

Cassia is growing up fast. To fast for Blake's liking but that is what kids do. Soon she will start school. Aaron is trying to convince Blake to enroll Cassia into private school. Blake isn't sure it's that important. Maybe someday. Right now he just doesn't have the time or money to deal with that.

Jan is much happier now that she's not pregnant. She thinks she's got her husband right where she wants him. He has been working hard and getting promotions. He's promised to put a second story on the house soon. He watches the kids while she goes 'shopping'. Yes, Jan is quite happy at least for the moment.

Before you know it Clay becomes a toddler. He's a Taurus with 10 neat, 6 outgoing, 5 active, 10 playful & 1 nice.

When Blake comes home from work he heads straight for the nursery. He wants to teach his son to walk.

Jan's very glad he didn't stop by the bedroom. Once Blake is safely occupied she sneaks Kendra out of the house. That was to close. She has to keep up with her husband's schedule better from now on. She can not let herself get careless. Not now. There is simply to much at stake.


Simaholic said...

I'm glad Blake got his son but he needs to ditch Jan. She just doesn't appreciate what a great guy she has in him. Grrr...

Anjel76 said...

Jan needs to get booted to the curb. Does she love her husband? SERIOUSLY! ;O)

sarianastar said...

Golddigger!!! That's what Jan is. A golddigger! She just wants him to support her and pay for everything, and ... ugh. Greedy woman. She needs to leave and move in with her 'friend' .. well one of them. ;)

j00ky said...

awww this is not good, poor Blake..