Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 21 - Weekend at the Avery's

Do I HAVE to learn to play chess? Couldn't I jump on the bed instead?

Ha! You can make me play chess but you can't make me play fairly.

No Dad I was NOT cheating. Bianca is just a sore loser.

The ghost of Nancy takes another shot at Tracy. This time, however, Tracy survives.

But Nancy is persistent. She's got time try again and again until she gets it right.

Boris becomes a teen. He wants to make as many friends as possible. Someday he'd like to host his own tv show and become a celebrity chef.

Ben must have a hot date with Katy tonight.

Oh yes. Definitely. Either that or he's more vain that we ever suspected.

The social worker located another child.

Faith Bui Avery (daughter of Chastity Morgan Bui and William Bui): Aquarius - 4 neat, 0 outgoing, 5 active, 9 playful & 10 nice

It's time for Tracy and Aaron to get to know their newest daughter. It could be a challenge since she isn't very outgoing.

Luckily the family is persistent. They will all get to know each other eventually. It just takes time.

Aiden is a cute toddler. He maxed his charisma so now he's working on creativity. Did you know that adopted kids have their age bar reset but they still know the skills they learned before they were orphaned? Well I didn't.

Aiden becomes a child. He longs to make friends and spend time with his new mom Tracy. The nursery is now quiet and shall remain so until the birth of generation three.

Weekend at the Avery's. Learning, learning, learning...with a few games of red hands thrown in for good measures.

Social services brings Tracy & Aaron another son. This is Aric Morgan Avery (son of Rhapsody Morgan Landry & Xavier Landry). Aric is a Libra with 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 9 playful & 6 nice. He is very happy to be coming her to live with his baby brother and his cousin.

With the house overly crowded and all his scholarships earned, Boris decides to head to school early. He's been assigned to a dorm where no other Avery lives. Amazing when you consider that there are seven Averys enrolled there right now.

Social services brought Aaron another child. This is William Bui Avery (son of Chastity Morgan Bui & William Bui). William is an Aries with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 8 active, 0 playful & 10 nice.

(William fulfills Tracy's want for 10 kids. YEAH!!! and if you've been doing the math, yes I'm one kid short of getting the five orphans adopted...I have plans. Be patient.)

Now that that there are six kids the house has started feeling like a military camp. We cook food twice because there isn't enough the first time. There is barely enough the second. Older brothers and sisters are always hanging around. Why cook for yourself when mom & dad will cook for you.

More beds had to be bought. The furniture had to be rearranged. It sort of looks like a barrack or is it just me.

Time for final headmaster visit. The fools still won't take hard cash. So Aaron smoozes up a storm. They discuss bathroom fixtures for nearly an hour. By the end of the night Bianca, Brooke, Aiden, Faith, Aric & William have all been accepted to private school. Aaron is thrilled by the news. If he had to listen to that guy for one more second he was taking him outside and introducing him to Trixie.

After the headmaster went home the twins celebrated their birthday. Bianca had decided to get married and have lots of babies someday. She dreams of seeing at least six children wed.

Brooke wants to get rich. She'd love to become a famous chef of staff. She could then write a book and make a ton of cash.


Zoe said...

Funny how the twins look more alike now than they did when they were children... it's usually the other way around.

One of my few other families in Riverside had a child named Faith that looked kind of like your Faith. Mine had Vulcan eyebrows, though, at least when she was a child. But she had the red hair and the pigtails. She was the daughter of the Sim I created to try out the University expansion pack, actually. Then she grew up and moved in her boyfriend from college, and he married her sister, so she killed herself and the child her sister had with said college boyfriend... Hopefull your Faith will have a happier life. And grow up more sane.

Anjel76 said...

The twins don't really look that much alike to me. Their noses are different as is their skintone.

WOW! It really does look like a military barracks! *LOL* Good luck with managing that HUGE family. I have a hard enough time with 5 sims. I think 5 is probably my limit. :O) Those twins ... I tell ya!

Simaholic said...

Oh my! That family is huge! I'd love to see a shot of that family tree! Wow! You must be pulling your hair out with that many kids in the house! I hope there will be room for generation 3 though!

sarianastar said...

Aiden sure is a cute kid when he grows up. I love the shot of all three kids studying on the couch. And Holy cow! The twins turned out GORGEOUS! Both of them. But especially Brooke. So exotic, those features. Wow.

Qosmic said...

Oh la la!!! Boris is... ...gorgeous! Can't wait to see what he'll be up to concerning girls. And I get to know in a matter of minutes, lucky me! *lol*

j00ky said...

Wow, Im impressed with all the kids you had in the house at the same time!