Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 45 - Changes for Banning & Bianca

Banning was on a personal high. He was in love. He was in love with Rebecca Tsang. He called up his brother Ben and asked him to drop by. Ben and Rebecca use to date. He wanted his brother's blessing before he proceeded.

Ben was fine with Banning dating Rebecca. But wasn't she already with Quinton? According to Banning they broke up. They did, however, have a son together. Ben decided to mind his own business. Banning was obviously in love. There is no talking to a man in love.

Banning invited over Rebecca. He just had to see her. He had plans. Big plans. He had thought about it long and hard. She was his future and his future starts now.

Bianca was also thinking about the future. She had been spending the last few semesters getting to know the guys in the dorms. She was so busy looking for the perfect guy that she couldn't see him when he was right in front of her. Suddenly Bianca realized how perfect Shane was for her. They had tons in common. They got along great. She had been hoping that he'd make the first move but he hadn't.

Knowing that Shane was just a little shy, Bianca decided to make the first move.

It was a slow first move but it did pick up momentum. It ended in an amazing first kiss. It was a memory that Bianca will never forget.

Inside, Banning was trying to make his own memories. He had bought a ring. He asked the question. He awaited a response.

Rebecca threw her arms around him. Finally, she was getting married. She had wanted Banning to purpose for so long. She couldn't believe this was really happening.

Banning had more surprised for Rebecca. He had decided to drop out of college. He didn't tell her. He didn't actually tell anyone. He just did it. He wanted to be married. He wanted to be in law enforcement. He didn't need a college degree for either of those things. All he needed was Rebecca. He was ready to make her and Saber his family.

Bianca was a little surprised that Banning was engaged. She was even more surprised to wake up and find him gone. He dropped out of school without telling her. He just up and left her there all alone. She had never lived without other siblings around. She wasn't at all sure she was going to like it.

Turns out that being the only Avery in the dorm was better than she though. She could spend as much time with Shane as she wanted without worrying what anyone would say. She could study hard or goof off and no one was the wiser.

Bianca started goofing off more. She did keep her grades up though. She started just hanging out with her other siblings. It was great to be able to see them and then go home and be away from them.

Bianca even managed to make up with her sister Brooke. Brooke seems happier at the greek house. Bianca could immediately see the changes. Maybe it was Brooke, who thought she needed no one, who really needed to have family around.

One night after making out with Shane in public, Bianca started thinking that she'd like to do just a little more. Although the changing booths called her name, she didn't give in to temptation. She wants her first time to be special. She'll know when the time is right. Until then she'll just keep working on achieving make out perfection.


Anjel76 said...

Wedding bells are ringing! Ding, dong, ding!

Lots of stuff going on, isn't there? How will it all end up I wonder ...

sarianastar said...

I'm glad to see people finding their paths, and finding their futures. LOoking forward to the next updates. :)

Qosmic said...

Shane, oh Shane... Bianca should hold on to him!! They look GREAT together! I'm glad I got to see more of the twins now; they've been somewhat in the shadows for some chapters.