Sunday, July 03, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 19 - Blake's Surprise

Jan finally made it back from the coast and she had a little surprise for Blake. Blake was stunned. This is not what he had been expecting.

Jan had expected it though. She had actually planned it. She was determined to get her wedding ring. A little harmless flirting was not going to take that away from her.

Jan Baty - Popularity - Leo - 4 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 4 playful & 3 nice; lifetime want - hall of fame

Blake quickly got over his surprise. Jan was having his baby. It was his...right?

Jan was a little insulted by the question. She assured him it was. She assured him that he was the only man she loves and the only man she'd been with. Blake wishes she had phrased things just a little differently but he let's it pass. Apparently he and Jan had made this baby at the graduation party. Their baby. He had always wanted kids with Jan but he had planned to wait a while first. What's done is done. They would get married and have their baby. They would be the perfect family. Now that Jan was here in Eden Falls, everything would work out. It just had to.

After getting Jan settled in, Blake quickly called up his father. He had to share the good news with someone and he wanted someone who would understand.

Aaron understood all right. He understood more than Blake did. Yes accidents happen but for some reason this didn't feel like an accident to Aaron. He could almost feel history repeating itself. He tried to delicately suggest that Blake and Jan wait to be married. Of course Blake wasn't listening. He just went on and on about the wedding. The wedding would happen soon. He had so much to do.

The suddenness of the wedding caught most of the family off guard. They weren't even sure Blake was still engaged. Now out of the blue he's getting married. Of course it became obvious why the wedding was rushed forward once they arrived at the party. The gossiping was fierce that day but it was kept hushed to avoid Blake's ears.

It was a beautiful ceremony. It wasn't as fancy as Jan had wanted though. Jan had wanted extravagant. Blake had to explain that they couldn't afford extravagant. The house wasn't even finished. They would have to build a nursery. Then they would need baby furniture and toys. It all adds up quickly.

Jan was quickly realizing that things weren't going to be exactly like she though. The house was smaller than she expected. The furniture wasn't that nice. Since Blake's dad was loaded, she just assumed Blake would be too. She never understood that Blake was planning on earning his own way through life. Why wouldn't he just live off his dad's cash? That's what she would have done.

Ben worried about the marriage. He knew that Jan was going to hurt his brother. He just KNEW it. For some reason she reminded him of his mother...which he didn't consider a good thing.

But they did seem happy. She did seem like she truly loved Blake. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe they were all wrong. Maybe Blake and Jan Avery would live happily ever after. (and maybe pigs will fly south for the winter)

In the end it was a great party. Aaron and Tracy were happy for Blake. They prayed it would all work out but for now he was happy. Sometimes that's the best you can do.

As time passed, Jan's belly grew bigger and bigger. Blake couldn't wait for the baby to arrive. He was working hard to try to earn enough money to buy the things they would need and the things Jan wanted.

Like a maid. Jan insisted she needed a maid so Blake told her to call the service. He didn't know that there were any male maids. When he saw his new maid he wasn't at all happy. He didn't want this guy hanging around his house every day. Would it be better if the maid were a woman? Probably not. Blake still had a few trust issues. He's trying to work on it. He really is. But some wounds take time to heal.

Blake had nothing to worry about. Not now anyway. Jan was being good. Very good. No flirting at all. It was KILLING her but she couldn't give Blake any reason to doubt her. She did love him. She didn't want to hurt him. Once enough time had passed he would forget about college. Until then Jan would keep herself in check. Even if Blake didn't have the wealth that she had originally hoped for, he would eventually. When his father died they would be rich. Until then she could use the Avery name to help further her athletic career. Well once the baby was born.

One morning when Blake was at work, Jan went into labor. This was the part she wasn't looking forward to. DRUGS! GIVE ME DRUGS!

Eventually Jan gave birth to a baby girl with red hair and green eyes.

Wait until your daddy sees you. He's going to be so thrilled. Mommy is happy too. Yes I am. You will keep your dad so busy that he will forget all about that stupid stuff from college. Yes he will.

Blake was thrilled. He couldn't believe the feeling he had when he saw his little girl. He had been given the most perfect gift. Blake named his daughter Cassia which means cinnamon. He was delighted that she had inherited her grandmother's red hair. He can't remember his mom. She died when he was just a baby. When Cassia gets older he will take her to his father's house and show her Nancy's portrait so she'll know exactly where her lovely hair comes from.


Qosmic said...

So much has happened since I last read your story. It's so exciting! Like a bomb ticking or something. So many loose ends that can lead to all sorts of trouble and drama. I'm guessing you're having a great time planning it all. ;)

Anjel76 said...

Oh! So Jan's a popularity sim? So then ... she should KNOW better than to be flirting it u with other people.

Heck ... in one of my legacy families (the Leghaci's) ... both parents are popularity. And they are so in love with one another. They have NEVER had the want to flirt with anyone else. What's up with Jan?


aquatami said...

The initial flirting in college hapened I believe because she has ten outgoing. So when the cow mascot flirted with her she accepted the flirt. Something is off with her wants though. She rolls up wants that should be fortune like buy me new expensive counters and don't forget the expensive paintings. She also rolls up a LOT of flirt wants. She REALLY wants her father-in-law but that just isn't going to happen. She does roll up wants for Blake but never for her kids. She's just a little confused I think. Of course me being in control isn't helping the situation.

aquatami said...

Oh and yes I'm having a blast. I have no idea where I'm headed half the time but eventually I'm sure I'll get somewhere.

Simaholic said...

Oh that Jan is soooo sneaky! I don't trust her. I really hope that she and Blake do end up living happily ever after. Cassia is beautiful.

sarianastar said...

I do NOT trust that Jan. The baby's adorable, with those big green eyes, but I don't trust Jan one little bit. I think Ben is right to worry.

j00ky said...

oh boy, here is a drama waiting to come...