Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 46 - Quinton's Choice

Banning definitely surprised Rebecca by showing up unannounced. He had dropped out of school. She never meant for him to do that. She also never meant for him to find out that she hadn't told Quinton about them yet. Banning was disappointed in her. She could see it when she told him. He agreed to wait for her to tell Quinton but she had to do it soon. He had brought his bags. He was staying. Quinton needed to know why.

While Rebecca worried, Banning got to know Saber. He would be his stepson soon. He wanted them to be close.

Quinton was a little confused to find Banning there the next morning. He couldn't understand why he would drop out of college like that. He really wished Rebecca would have asked him before inviting him to move in. He had nothing against Banning. They were good friends. He just would have like to have been told, that's all.

Later that evening, Banning cornered Rebecca. You have to tell him. You have to tell him now. If you don't, I will.

So Rebecca told Quinton the truth. Most of it anyway. They both knew that their relationship wasn't working. He knew that she loved him. She just wasn't in love with him. She had found someone else.

Things finally clicked into place. Quinton knew the rest before she even said the words. She was in love with Banning. He had moved in to be with her. That left him in a heck of a bind. Stay in the house and watch them be together or leave.

Quinton made a quick decision. He called up Baila and asked a major favor. He briefly explained the situation. He asked for a place to stay. He knew it would be awkward. If Mitch wasn't ok with an old boyfriend moving in, well he understood.

With Baila and Mitch's blessing, Quinton backed his bags and moved out. He hated leaving his son behind but he didn't feel like he had a choice. He was in the way. He would leave so that they could be happy. Maybe Banning could give her what he couldn't.

Banning celebrated by assembling Rebecca's new bed. Then of course they had to try it out.

Which always leads to messy bathrooms.

And quick marriages. Banning and Rebecca had a small family ceremony. They said their vows and became Mr. & Mrs. Banning Avery.

There was no traditional Avery jam session. Since the couple only owned one instrument, William had to jam alone.

The traditional wedding cake picture. He's a lot neater than some of his siblings were. He actually used a fork.

Everyone there had a good time. They did worry that Banning was rushing things. That tends to happen a lot in their family. Maybe they should all start abstaining from sex until the honeymoon. Just a thought.

After a short honeymoon (I actually remembered to hire a nanny), the newlyweds came home and celebrated Saber's birthday.

Saber Tsang is an Aries with 6 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful & 4 nice. He's going to look a lot like Quinton.

Time flies when your having fun. Banning has been getting a lot of promotions at work. He's in law enforcement which was always his dream. Rebecca is on maternity leave from the military. They are both anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child.

When the big moment arrived, Rebecca was home alone. Only the nice maid was there and she just seemed annoyed that the bed was still unmade.

Rebecca gave birth to a baby boy. Rebecca named her son Cannan. It's no surprise he got his father's eyes. I wonder if the brown eyes will ever die out?

Uncle Blake and Grandma Tracy stopped by unannounced. Blake held Cannan before his father did. I'm starting to think that these two have baby radar.

The both stayed that night to help celebrate Saber's birthday. Quinton was noticeably absent. (It's not really his fault though. He was in the family bin at the time. Whoops.)

Saber has grown into a handsome young man who greatly resembles the father he barely remembers.


Anjel76 said...

Saber is such a cutie. I wonder what his aspiration will be when he becomes a teen ... and where his life will lead him.

Congrats on the birth of Cannan!

sarianastar said...

Saber grew into a handsome little boy! And Cannan is a cutie! Great update. I'm glad that Banning and Rebecca are so happy together. :) They make such a cute couple.

Qosmic said...

Saber turned out cute, so I'm very curious how Cannan will look later.