Thursday, July 21, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 47 - Bede & Faith Graduate

Life has been good for Bede and Amanda. They have managed to find a happy medium. They've reached an agreement to not have sex until after they are married. They do make out a lot. Sometimes things get very hot and heavy. So far Bede has managed to keep things from going to far. He tries to remember that it won't be that much longer. He and Faith are about to graduate. Amanda will still have another few years but he can wait. For her he could wait forever.

Faith has been a little depressed lately. Something terrible has happened. Her professor, Irfan, has stopped returning her calls. He won't stop by. He will barely talk to her. She wants him badly but apparently he's decided to try being faithful to his wife all the sudden.

Well fine. If she can't have the professor she wants she'll just have another professor.

Or two.

Or three.

Faith finds that she likes older guys. They don't fill the void left by Irfan but they at least give her something to do. Faith has the sweet innocent routine down to an art form. She plays the shy schoolgirl. She innocently flirts. She makes some suggestions. Then she does a little giggle at the end. Before they know what's happened they are in her arms. Yes, it's just one big game to Faith. She sure is having fun.

Faith meets Hayden the next day. He starts off their date by letting her know exactly how much he wants her.

So she let's him have her. Faith and Hayden had a great time in the changing booth. The entire time people were outside cheering them on. That just made it all the more fun for them. Hayden let the world know that he still had what it took to get a pretty young girlfriend.

When Faith came out of the changing booth the cheering stopped. Bianca and Brooke tried to act natural. They discussed their majors like nothing was happening. As soon as she left, the whispering started.

OMG. What is Faith doing with that old man? When did she start sleeping around? I thought she wanted to settle down and have a ton of kids. What happened to her?

Faith seems much happier lately. She finds herself laughing and playing with friends. She and Kendal have become pretty close lately. They seem to have a lot in common. Kendal has even started opening up to her and telling her some pretty personal stuff.

Faith was still surprised with Kendal begins flirting with her. She's never been with another girl. She's never even considered it. Suddenly it sounds like fun. What could it hurt. She'll be leaving school in a few days anyway. Why not make some more memories while she can.

Faith and Kendal go someplace private. Kendal has apparently been burned recently. She was in love with a married woman who just up and left without saying goodbye. She's a little nervous about beginning a new relationship.

Faith isn't sure she'd call this a relationship. She's not sure where this could go. She likes Kendal. She likes Hayden. She likes Jack and Serdar too. The only person she even comes close to loving is Irfan. Of course she doesn't tell Kendal that.

Bede has just completed his last final. He and Amanda celebrate...

by sleeping together. Just sleeping. And cuddling. Ok, there was a whole lot of touching too but that's it. Honest.

Faith was coming back from taking her finals when she sees Irfan walking by. So she attacks him. Maybe he was coming to see her. Maybe he was going to see someone else. Maybe he was just walking by on his way home to his wife. She doesn't care. She wants him. She's missed him. She's not going to let him go.

So she does everything in her power to convince him to spend the night. She wants to be his mistress. She wants a routine. He can keep his wife and children. She only wants a few hours in her bed every few days. No commitments. No strings attached.

Irfan knows he promised to be faithful to his wife. He's tried really hard. He hasn't gone after any new girls. He hasn't called up any old girls. But when suddenly confronted by this old flame, Irfan's resolve crumbles. Faith is just so darn tempting. He knows he should go home to his wife and kids but he doesn't. He wants what she's offering. He spends the night. He tells Faith that it is just this one last night. She has to let go of any idea of them being together again. After tonight, he will never be unfaithful to Yvette again.

On her final night at La Fiesta Tech, Faith lets Hayden take her out again. He seems to really care about her. He might even love her. Faith isn't even sure what love is anymore. When she was a teen, she thought it was all knights in shining armor and fairy tale happiness. Now it's just sex. She wouldn't mind finding an in between someday. Until then Faith will have fun with Hayden or whoever else enters her life. Maybe someday she'll find something close to love. Maybe someday she'll find true happiness.

Bede is truely in love. He dresses up in his best suit and asks Amanda to marry him. He knows her answer. They've been discussing their wedding for several months now but he wants it to be official. He wants her to wear his ring. He bought the biggest he could afford in the hope that every man on campus will see it and steer clear.

The next day Bede and Faith graduate. Amanda is very excited for him but she already misses him. How will she ever make it through the next two years alone?

After a very small celebration, Bede is ready to begin is life. He has purchased a large plot of land. He will be right next door to Blake. He's hoping to build a wonderful house for Amanda. Right now he can't afford more than the foundation but someday it will be spectacular. He has two years to get it finished. Two years and he marries the woman he loves. Then they will immediately start their family.

Faith says goodbye to her brother. She has someone she wants to see before she leaves. Then she too is heading off to the real world. She hopes to rent a little place. Beyond that she has no plans.

After saying goodbye to Kendal, Faith heads off. She's excited by this new start but also somewhat sad. She has no plans. No direction in her life. She use to want a family and kids. Should she do that? Should she have some kids? She she try to find a guy and have a serious relationship? Should she wait for Kendal to graduate and ask her to move in? She just doesn't know. She'll just have to figure it out as she goes along.


Anjel76 said...

So many questions ... so few answers. Poor girl. Did she reroll for romance or something, or is this family girl really messed up?

aquatami said...

Her teen roll was family. Her college roll was romance. She has ZERO outgoing. Makes life interesting.

sarianastar said...

I like how you handle the reroll. "It used to be all about fairy tales now it's all about sex" LOL. Life really can change like that. :) Great update!

Qosmic said...

I can't imagine what Faith sees in those dinosaurs. Irfan ok, but the others? Kendal is cute though. :) Amanda has such a sweet face - she looks so innocent. Bede has a very interesting one, I think. Kinda' like a fantasy character of some sort. It took a while before I got attached to him though, but he grew on me. :)